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What’s hip, new & happening?

No need to hide your body under layers of shapeless woollens this winter. Make heads turn with Jojo & Yatan's style guide...

india Updated: Dec 03, 2008 16:44 IST

No need to hide your body under layers of shapeless woollens this winter. Instead, make heads turn with our style guide for the season. Fashion gurus Jojo & Yatan Ahluwalia give tips...

Boys in hoods

Strong trend: Hoods on casual shirts, jackets and full sleeve tops.
Your options: Plain or printed, checks and stripes.
Details: Never entirely fasten the hood under the chin. Adjust the angle of the hood according to what works best with the shape of your face.
Combination: Wear your hooded top with a pair of comfort fit casual trousers or jeans.
Ideal for: Casual day wear.

One over the other

Model: Rishabh
Full sleeve top and short sleeveless jacket from Canali
Strong trend: Short meets long
Your options: Full or half sleeve T-shirts or tops under cut sleeve jackets or short sleeve cardigans.
Details: Choose a fitted full sleeve top, plain or striped, in either a round or high neck that you can wear under a short cut sleeve jacket or light wool cardigan.
Combination: Layering will allow you to contrast darker and lighter shades of the same colour. Match with corduroy or casual fitted trousers.
Ideal for: Leisurewear.

Double the fun

Blue zippered jacket by Wills Lifestyle
Strong trend: High neck tops and zippered jackets.
Your options: Contemporary polo necks or modern zippers.
Details: Ensure the neck area does not look too heavy and that the jacket/top collar does not touch your jaw line but ends under it. Look out for jackets with multiple zippers. In the front, at the back, sides and on the sleeve.
Combination: You could wear your high neck top either on its own or if it’s a jacket, over a fitted T-shirt or full sleeve top. Pair it with jeans, fitted pants or lowers that match.
Ideal for: Semi formal or casual dressing.

New dimension


: Adil

Digital printed sweater and grey trousers from Wills Lifestyle

Strong trend

: Geometric digital prints on round neck sweaters.

Your options

: Horizontal or vertical patterns.


: Choose snug or wide round necks over V necks for all sweaters, sweatshirts and full sleeve tops. Abstract geometric prints on the front panel of the sweater will add a dimension to your otherwise simple winter office look. Choose large prints if you are slim and smaller ones if you are not.


: Straight fit work trousers, casual pants or jeans.

Ideal for

: Day or office wear.

Winter colours: Deep and dark

Black and grey striped sweater from Bossini
Navy blue: On cardigans, jeans and track pants.
Charcoal grey: For trousers, formal jackets and overcoats.
Dark brown: On trousers, casual jackets and shoes.
Olive green: For shirts, casual trousers and full sleeve tops.
Black: On shirts, suits and accessories.
Purple: For T-shirts, sportswear and home furnishings.
Silver: For reflective stripes, jewellery and watches.

Get sporty

Multi-coloured sports jacket from ADIDAS
Style: If an active and sporty look works for you, then you ought to invest in a trendy sports jacket for winter. Don’t choose a style that adds too much bulk or volume to your athletic silhouette. We suggest a well fitted short length instead as this will accentuate your body shape a lot better.
Colours: Use contrasts. Mix red, blue, yellow, green, grey, black, white and silver.
When and how: Sports jackets can be worn for the day as casual wear and sportswear too. To make them look better than they do, match them with snug fit jeans or fitted track pants.

Short crotch jeans

Short crotch jeans from Calvin Klein
Cut: As jeans get more fitted, the crotch area gets shorter and slimmer. Ensure your favourite pair of denims has a short ‘cup’ shaped crotch and not one that ends midway to your knees! This gives your jeans a snug look and your body a better fit.
Fasten: The debate between fly and buttons continues. Choose whatever you prefer, but we think buttons look (and feel) a lot sexier than zippers do.
Wear: Do not cover the crotch or the waistband. Instead tuck your T-shirts and shirts neatly into your jeans. If you are wearing waistcoats, casual jackets or cardigans over them, ensure that they are short in length and do not end any lower than your hip.

Trendy mohawks

Model: Dhiraj
Length: Short to medium lengths will be strong.
Allow your hair to grow out a bit but not over an even two inches all around.
What to use: Ahead Glue – styling fibre wax by L’Oreal.
How to style it: Take some fibre wax on your palms, clap thrice with both hands to activate the product and then weave into damp hair in both an upward and downward direction with your fingers and palms to ensure an even application of the product. Push the centre of the hair upwards right from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Flatten or lift the sides, whichever you prefer. Allow it to set and dry on its own for about a minute.


Ankle shoes from Homme
Design: High or ankle length boots for men are a hot trend this season and are making a strong
Look: Sport matt and tough looking styles for casual daywear and glossy and sleek ones for club and evening wear. You can choose between styles that come with or without laces and in colours ranging from the simple brown and black to blue, white and red.
New this year: Look out for zippers, reflective strips, metal and leather embellishments on your boots.

Photographs: Style Inc. Media; Styling: Yatan Ahluwalia
Styling Assistant: Adil Akhtar; Makeup, Hair & Grooming: Jojo using skin care products from STEEL and hairstyling products from L’oreal, Paris

(The authors are Stylists & Image Consultants and Directors – Y&E Style Media Pvt. Ltd – a fashion styling, grooming and corporate imaging company); contact@yestylemedia.com