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What’s scarier than crocs?

The next episode gets even more hardcore, as the roadies have to wrestle crocodiles! Raghu Ram, co-selector and creator of MTV roadies, warns of rough times ahead.

india Updated: Mar 21, 2009 21:24 IST
Hell Down Under | Raghu Ram

The last episode of Roadies remains one of my all-time favourites. It had a lot of stuff I love about Roadies, and some stuff I hate about it. The roadies faced true fear. As it turned out, the only thing they had to fear was each other.

Why did Poulomi lose it the way she did at the campsite? I don’t know. I always felt she had that crazy streak in her. But it was still bizarre to watch her explode like that. And Palak needs serious therapy, I think. Her violent tendencies come from a need to control and win every argument and from the inability to express herself coherently. How am I so sure? Let’s just say someone has an ex-girlfriend with similar issues!

I wasn’t there on the campsite that night. When I reached Broken Hill, the crew filled me in on Palak’s exploits. What I saw on the show shocked me!

On a more pleasant note, the three-door Karizma task is one of my favourites. It has the Roadies DNA. It starts out with suspense, where the roadies don’t know what each door holds for them. The doors themselves are metaphors for the choices we are faced with so often. And whatever choices we make, we have to live with them and face the situations that arise from them.

Samrat got lucky. He got both the Karizma and the much-coveted immunity. Natasha had to wrangle with one huge WWE wrestler to retain her immunity and win a Karizma. And poor Nauman had to get into the ring with two of them at the same time!

Now comes the interesting part. Will they play it safe and back out? Or will they put everything on the line and fight the incredible odds for respect? These were the questions I really wanted answered. Much to my disappointment, they both chickened out. Mistake! Not only did they lose the opportunity to win a bike, they had to let go of their immunity, too! What they were being tested on was not whether they could beat professional wrestlers at their own game, but whether they had the guts to enter that ring.

Palak and Sufi, however, came through. Sufi really won my respect for the way he fought. He must have known he did not stand a chance. But he gave it everything he had, and more. The poor guy injured himself, but came out looking like a hero. And since he won the task by entering the ring, he won the bike.

But as it turned out, Sufi didn’t have as much to fear from the killer wrestlers as the roadies had to fear from each other. Tamanna was sold to the wolves by her “friend” Nauman! So the Broken Hill episode became a showcase for the best and the worst in human nature.

The next episode gets even more hardcore, as the roadies have to wrestle crocodiles! Well, not exactly, but pretty much. And trust me, you haven’t known fear till you’ve looked a hungry croc in the eye. And the roadies may never have played rugby, but they will now have to take on Dubbo’s Double Rhino rugby team! Things get rough, but not as rough as they’re gonna get in the vote-out. I have a feeling that by the end of it, the crocs will seem all heart.

First Published: Mar 21, 2009 21:22 IST