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When fat’s a fact

Don’t blame neighbours and colleagues for all that adipose tissue. Instead, put on your jogging shoes.

india Updated: May 11, 2011 21:25 IST

Would you rather be blind than be fat? Apparently, there are many among us who would rather lose their sight than be seen with a few kilos about them, according to a report on how obesity is actually contagious.

This will be a source of terror to the adipose-challenged. We know that we cannot chose our relatives, but what happens when one of our colleagues is a little on the portly side? We certainly don’t want the fat genes leaping on to us, so should we shun the said individual?

Now it may transpire that you yourself have a little more weight about you than warrants good health. So, how would you like it if people ran helter-skelter when you get into the lift? Or your spouse was to take off to another room fearing that your fat may become his or her fat?

Before the fat really gets into the fire, let us tell you that it is quite fine to have a bit of lining on you. There are also studies which show that women with a bit of fat on them are more likely to survive in harsh conditions like a famine.

Now such an eventuality is not likely to occur in most of our lives, so it would be better to hit the treadmill or cross-trainer without delay. But, heaven forbid, the person heaving next to you may be a little on the healthy side, as we Indians so love saying.

Should you then shun any weight-reducing exercise for fear of contagion? This would perhaps lead to an outbreak of obesity all around. So let us not make any excuses for allowing ourselves a few inches more, and blame it one the man or woman next door.

What we really need is another study to tell us that we are as fat as we feel. All right, on the ground, hup, two, three, four…