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When pets own you...

In a world where animals rule, it's great to have a dog's life!
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PUBLISHED ON JAN 26, 2005 07:51 PM IST

Picture this, you're having a delicious steak lunch in your limo on the way to the airport wearing your latest fur coat designed by Pamela Anderson when you decide to make a quick stop at the salon to get a pedicure and head massage. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it might come true if you're a part of an influential clique that is growing day by day - pampered pets!

Phrases like 'it's a dog's life' and 'life's a bitch' have left their negative connotations in the last century. In today's world, where people prefer pets to their relatives, it's a boon to be born a pet.

Latest research shows the British people devote more time to their pets than their sisters, brothers, grandparents, bosses and the "public in general". Those aged over 55 said they put their pets on an equal footing with their friends.

From the outrageous to the ostentatious, recent years have proven that pet-owners will go to any extent for their furry friends.

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A Texas woman paid $50,000 for a clone of her pet cat Nicky, who died last year, making her the first owner of a commercial copy cat. She had her cat's tissue samples stored at Genetic Savings and Clone, a California-based firm, until the company began offering to clone pets.

In New York, limos with the words 'Doggie Diva' imprinted on them drop off prized pooches to a day-care centre where they are groomed, trained and pampered.

The pet product industy has caught on this trend and is completely cashing in on it. From gourmet food, like the one launghed by Tesco, to special ice-cream and chewing gum, pets have never had it better. The ice-cream is not only delicious, it's fat free for those hot dogs who want to stay slim and cool in the summer.

Those who believe buying off the shelf is not special enough, they cook for their pets. Donna Twichell Roberts' new cookbook features recipes for creamy macaroni and cheese with sausage, hearty beef barley stew, and the comforting staple tuna noodle casserole -- all for your prized pet.

Believe it, now flavoured canine mineral water is available too. The Scot Pet Foods company recently launched a range of flavoured mineral waters for dogs - parsley to combat bad breath, herbs to fight fleas, and chicken.

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