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Where is this Love Energy of God?

May 28, 2004 06:42 PM IST

Learn to look for the Love Energy, and you will find it as easily as you would find the long forgotten treasure that you had put away.

Learn to look for the Love Energy, and you will find it as easily as you would find the long forgotten treasure that you had put away in such a safe place, that even you had forgotten about it!

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We all have certain pleasurable moments, where nothing else exists but the blissful ecstasy experienced at that point. Somehow, we seem to have reached that point of transcending time and space, attaining the heights of expressing only Love, which is the only reality for us at that moment.

All our worldly relationships, our problems, our tensions just dissolve like a fine mist in the morning sun, and all we see is Light and Love! That is the result of a true meditation. That is the experience of the highest order, which takes us into the highest measure of Love that we are capable of attaining, according to the measure of our spiritual growth. It becomes a pleasurable experience, and very soon we are addicted to it, we require that 'fix' every day to sustain us in this physical world.

Our main goals in our Earth journey are freedom from all negative energy, and inner peace. When we live in a cave in the Himalayas, away from the real world, where the game of karma is played, it becomes very easy to attain this idealistic situation. The real test is to find this state in the stage of this world playing out our karma, simultaneously with all around us.

The simplest method to start with is to look for Love in every situation. For example, is your spouse is nagging you to wear a coat, for it is cold outside, do not see it as her method of controlling every small action. If you see it as action stemming from concern and love, over your health, you will change the way you respond. You may even get down to thanking her for her love, creating a peaceful moment for both, rather than one where both are spoiling your day with a rude beginning.

We are spiritual beings in a vast spiritual sea of Love waters. The waters sometimes threaten to overwhelm us in the form of huge tidal waves, and sometimes present a picture of perfect calm and shimmering sunlight. When we feel threatened, it is time to dive deep down beneath into the calm of the depths, and wait for the storm to blow over.

Look for Love Energy wherever you can find it, and the search will become so interesting that you will discover pearls of|Love in places where you never thought to look before!

We have never done this exercise before, for we fear being labelled as weak and being rejevcted for our search. The time is right NOW, for you to get into the race for finding Love, rather than hate. For no person is ever good or bad, but a combination of both energies. Appreciate the good, and watch it get magnified and become even more alive for you. Make it multiply itself, by expecting only good to come out of your search.

Love is the connecting energy between mind and body, the collagen of our existence, if you so chose to describe it. Much ignored all this while, it becomes a tempting idea to raise its importance in our lives, and not allow it to break for lack of nourishment and proper attention!

Keep at it, and watch your life change into peace and harmony!

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