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Why men lie more

So, you always thought women were the more sly species. The popular perception is that women gossip more and even lie more than men do. But latest survey tells a different story. Read on...

india Updated: May 22, 2010 01:27 IST
Sujata Reddy
Sujata Reddy
Hindustan Times

So, you always thought women were the more sly species. The popular perception is that women gossip more and even lie more than men do.

However, a new survey proves otherwise. Apparently, men tell more lies than women. While a man will lie three ties a day, a woman will lie only twice. So, a man racks up 1,092 lies a year whereas a woman conjures up just 728.

Clinical psychologist Hemalatha says that the number of lies men and women tell are not as important as the reasons behind the lies are. And more importantly, what is perceived as lying by women, may not be ‘lies’ for most men. “Men usually lie to save themselves from getting into uncomfortable situations. Men are less comfortable with intimacy, so a man may usually lie about his conquests — with regards to women or professional achievements,” says Hemlatha.

So if one man in a group boasts about having six affairs, another man will feel the pressure to top that count. Exaggeration is the key and while it may not be accounted for as a lie, it’s definitely a half lie, says she.

Alexander Martin, professor of psychiatry at Mumbai’s DY Patil Medical College, agrees with the findings of the survey. “If you go by the psychology of men and women, it’s true that women are a tad bit more dedicated and, therefore, less deceitful,” opines Martin, who is quick to add that though women lie too, men do a better job of it.

But aren’t women considered to be more adept liars? Martins blames the Indian society for such misconceptions. “Indian
culture allows men to get away with lies while a woman’s faults are not easily forgiven. But in a community where men and women are absolute equals, both may be lying equal number of times,” is Martin’s guess. That’s some fodder for thought.

Shaurya Chauhan
Men lie all the time! Especially when we women bombard them with questions like do you love me? Am I looking fat in? Were you checking that girl out? Is she better-looking than me? Men know better than to tell us the truth as far as these questions are concerned. I lie very rarely; only when my life depends on it!

Sophie Choudhary
It’s funny. don’t know if men necessarily lie more often, but probably more easily than women do. I’m a terrible liar! My biggest problem is that I’m too honest for my own good. Don’t believe me, right? To be honest I would much rather tell the truth, but it seems as if people would prefer to hear a diplomatic excuse!

Gaurav Gera
I don’t want to upset anyone by commenting on these findings. But normally people think that women lie more. I don’t know this for a fact, but I don’t lie at all. I just keep quiet instead of lying or tell the person that I don’t want to discuss the topic in question, instead of lying. I think most men lie about their smoking habits or whom they were with.

Raima Sen
I don’t think men lie as much as women do simply because they don’t have the know-how! And it’s easy to catch men lying, as women are more perceptive and more attuned to body language. That almost imperceptible shake of the head or the clenching of a fist can never go unnoticed by a woman. I only lie to get myself out of trouble — white lies!

First Published: May 21, 2010 17:29 IST