Will Dragon mind its own business!
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Will Dragon mind its own business!

Surfers ask, "Great going, China. Arm rogues with nukes but lecture us?"

india Updated: Mar 04, 2006 16:52 IST

Our surfers send a crisp and curt message to China - mind your own business!

This is in response to China's reaction to the inking of India-US nuke deal. China has asked India to abandon its nuclear programme. Naturally, it has infuriated surfers.

How dare China... to get lost, China... Oh! What concern for world peace; there's hardly any love left for the dragon nation. The message is clear: Stop preaching. Clear your own guilt before lecturing others.

Tit for tat

Almost as a repartee, Brahmanandan writing from Seoul, Korea said, "Abandon selling nukes to rouge states like Pakistan -- I suppose India must tell China."

It's quite clear from the drift of the messages received that nobody sees China as a responsible nuclear state, particular in the light of it selling nuke technology to rogue states such as Pakistan, Iran and possibly North Korea.

Here's how A Sharma from St. Cloud, France put it.

"Interesting advice from the master proliferator of clandestine nuclear weapons technology - to Pakistan, North Korea, Iran..... My advice to China is that since you are so concerned about nukes, work hard for global nuclear disarmament and abandon your own nukes to begin with--in order to set a good example."

Sachin Madan from Toronto had hardly any kind words for the other Asian tiger.

"Who is China to dictate this to us? They can do whatever they want but when it comes to India, why should we abandon nukes. Why not tell Pakistan to abandon them? China has been giving nuclear technology to Pakistan and in all probability to North Korea and Iran. Has India ever sold nuclear technology to rogue nations? What is China afraid of? That with the deal with the US, India will have free access to enriched uranium."

Raj Sawhney from USA too spoke on similar lines, "What business does China have in advising India to give up nukes? So that indirectly it can help itself and its buddy in harassing India? Americans understand this foolishness and can clearly see through its evil designs."

Blasting the Left

Some chose to see the India's Left parties' ulterior motives.

"Cat is out of the bag. This is what our Leftists wanted to hear. They are protesting against George Bush at the behest of China. Indian left wants China to be stronger not India because of ideology difference. Hope the people of India especially Bengal and Kerala will teach them a lesson and nip this evil in the bud," said Varinder Sarin from Kuwait.

Swami from Chennai too took a dig at the 'commies'.

"Now I don't see the Marxists. Where are they? I think they have not seen this news or it is okay to be a stooge to China. Where are all the Basus, Yechuris and Surjits?"

Perhaps the best thing to do is to have a hearty laugh. India's Rakesh Sarang surely lets out a guffaw.

"This is the best joke I have read today. The Chinese should know that charity begins at home. So, off you go Chinese, start dismantling your nukes from tomorrow."

It's tough fooling the world. China better know that.

First Published: Mar 04, 2006 16:52 IST