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Women don't wanna feel like a virgin!

Is marriage just about these petty issues or does it mean much more? Sidhi Chadha finds out the answers.

india Updated: Jan 30, 2006 15:52 IST

It was a debate fuelled by a report from the west about a technique called "revirgination." A 40-year-old woman claimed that she would like to go in for the technique which could make her a virgin again and give it as a gift to her hubby dearest.

Many others seemed enthusiastic about the technique. And it set us thinking. Does it boost a woman's married life or your relationship with your husband if you are a virgin on the first night? Is marriage just about these "virgin" issues or does a relationship mean much more? Does an Indian woman today consider virginity as a virtue?

In a web survey conducted by, a resounding 70 per cent gave a thumbs down to the idea of getting "revirginated" and dared to confess that they would not like to restore their lost virginity, if given an opportunity.

The study from the west claimed that through a vaginal reconstruction surgery women could regain lost virginity. We quizzed women about how raring were they to go under the knife for a fresh new "womanhood". The survey received a whopping response from 928 surfers out of which 746 were females. More than 70 per cent said they would not take the risk of becoming a virgin again.

Set attitudes though remain. The wife being a virgin has always been an unquestioned expectation for most men (or that is what women think). In the survey, 414 females admitted that their better half coming to know of their sexual past scares them to the core.

Women cited reasons such as: "My partner might hate me", "Revealing my sexual past will only spoil my marriage", "No matter how liberal a man is, it is still hard for him to digest a woman's ex-relations."

First Published: Jan 30, 2006 15:44 IST