The image shows the bear behind the boy.(Twitter/@loriscalliari)
The image shows the bear behind the boy.(Twitter/@loriscalliari)

Huge bear follows boy, he deals with it like a pro. Watch heart-stopping video

Thankfully, the boy’s newly acquired knowledge on what to do if you encounter a wild bear kept him safe.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON MAY 26, 2020 02:32 PM IST

Alessandro, a 12-year-old boy, never could have imagined that he will get a chance to implement his newly acquired knowledge about wild bears hands on. Just recently he studied what to do in a situation when you encounter a bear and during his latest hike, he faced exactly that situation. A video of the boy’s actions during the stressful and the potentially dangerous situation has now made its way online and left people intrigued.

Shared by Twitter user Loris Calliari, the video shows how the boy reacts when a large bear emerges from a bush behind him. The video shows how the boy calmly and slowly walks away from the animal. For a few seconds, the bear follows him and it seems that it’s almost going to grab the kid. Thankfully, however, it eventually loses interest and goes to another direction, away from the kid, as Alessandro returns to his family standing at a distance.

Calliari’s tweet, when translated from Italian, reveals that he witnessed the incident at Sporminore, a popular hiking spot in Italy.

Take a look at the heart-stopping video:

The video made its way to reddit too. On both the social media platforms, people shared similar reactions. While some praised the boy for his quick-thinking, others were scared and wrote that the video has left their hearts beating faster.

“Kudos to the kid for remaining calm,” wrote a reddit user. “I’m glad this has a happy ending,” wrote another.

One Twitter user wrote that it’s amazing that the boy remained so calm. To this, Calliari replied that it’s the boy who taught him how to behave and also mentioned that the kid is a nature lover.

Here’s how others reacted:

‘We had left home only a little while before. In the mountains there were some other people but it was otherwise silent,” the kid’s uncle Federico told La Stampa, cited Daily Mail. “Alessandro walked a few metres ahead of us in order to collect stuff and at one point we saw him coming out from the woods and being followed by the bear. Obviously we were terrified but he was calm,” he added.

Fedrico also revealed that Alessandro is an animal lover and just a few days ago he read what to do if you come across a bear in the woods.

Describing his experience, the boy said, “It was important to leave quickly but without making the bear feel it was in danger.”

“’I did not look it in the eye and the bear understood I was not its enemy. And now I am the happiest child in the world,” he added.

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