‘Love isn’t in grand gestures, it’s in the little things’: This couple’s story will put a big smile on your face

The story has been featured on the Humans of Bombay page, which often brings its readers heartwarming and inspiring tales.
“Couple goals,” commented an individual on the post.(Instagram/@officialhumansofbombay)
“Couple goals,” commented an individual on the post.(Instagram/@officialhumansofbombay)
Published on Aug 19, 2020 03:47 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Amrita Kohli

If you’re looking for something to brighten up a gloomy day, this story of a couple who were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 30 years may be just what the doctor ordered. Their tale has been featured on the Humans of Bombay page, which often brings its readers heartwarming and inspiring stories. This one is no different and may put a huge smile on your face.

In the post, a woman, not named, details how she and her husband got married against their family’s wishes and moved to Mumbai to build their lives together.

“Rashesh began working and earned Rs 490 a month. So we rented a kitchen at a friend’s apartment and slept on a broken bed. 2 days after our wedding, I started working as an architect and earned Rs 500. With our incomes, we could afford rent and groceries, but that was it,” she says in the post.

The post goes on to detail how they bought a room in a building and worked tirelessly at their jobs. She describes how they shared their responsibilities once they had their children, even though juggling between work and home was difficult. They managed everything together despite questions and criticism from people.

Their story perfectly highlights how love is in the little things you do for one another. We’ll let you read their entire story in the post below. You may even feel like sharing their story with a loved one.

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"Rashesh & I are high school sweethearts who eloped! I'd often go to his house, under the guise of playing with his sisters, but secretly it was to see him. At 15, I told him 'I love you!' & ever since, we've been together. But our families weren't okay with it as we belong to different castes. My dad said, 'I like the guy, but you can't marry him.' So on Dec 26, 1986, we had a court marriage & moved to Mumbai. Neither of our families took it well, but eventually they came around. Rashesh began working & earned Rs. 490 a month. So we rented a kitchen at a friend's flat & slept on a broken bed. Soon, I began working as an architect & earned Rs. 500. We could only afford rent & groceries. I remember, we bought our first piece of crockery when my in-laws visited us. The only luxury we had was our movie date nights once a week! 6 months later, a room in the building was on sale, so we borrowed money from friends & bought it. It was the first place we could call 'home'! For 6 years, we saved up & paid back our friends–& after Mansi was born, we both got promoted but that meant more work. We had to put Mansi in a creche & soon, the comments started–'How can you be such a mom?' But we wanted to give our child everything, which came with sacrifices. Juggling work & home was difficult, but Rashesh & I split the chores–he'd do the laundry, cut vegetables & drop her to school. People said, 'How can Rashesh do housework?' So I'd shut them up with, 'Isn't this the least he can do?!' In fact after our son was born, he’d get the kids ready for school, cook, & pack their tiffins. Once, he made pizzas from scratch but they never cooked–I still tease him about it! Even today, he makes us tea every morning & if I'm having a bad day, he'll make me a 'special chai' & listen to my rants. Today, he's the VP at his company & I'm about to become the Technical Officer at mine. For our 25th anniversary, we went to Saputara–we didn't do much, but that's the thing about Rashesh. For him, love isn't in grand gestures, it's in the little things. For him, love isn't in the words you say, it's in the things you do–like treating your partner as an equal & building a life together."

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Since being shared on August 18, the post has collected over 57,000 likes and several comments on Instagram.

“That’s such a great love story,” shared an individual. “Couple goals,” added another. “This is so adorable! Wishing you two unending love and happiness!” posted a third. “Made me cry,” wrote a fourth.

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