The seal had a piece of string stuck on its neck.(TikTok/@namib_naude)
The seal had a piece of string stuck on its neck.(TikTok/@namib_naude)

This choking seal was helped by rescuers, its thankful glance will melt your heart. Watch

Did this seal just say ‘thank you’ to the rescuers who cut off a round string choking it? Watch to find out.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON MAY 28, 2020 08:00 PM IST

You may have heard the phrase ‘not all heroes wear capes’. Some, like these sea life rescuers, wear gloves and use scissors as a tool for salvation.

This just over 40-second-long clip was posted on TikTok by an account called ‘namib_naude’ on May 26. The video has been shared with a caption that reads, “This little guy said ‘Thank You’ after his rescue. Usually, they just bite and run. I was happy and he was happy”.

The clip starts with the camera showings a herd of seals running from the shore towards the ocean. One of the rescuers, holding the camera,runs along with the animals, barefoot. He spots a seal with, what appears to be, a bunch of hay stuck on a string. He catches the seal swiftly and holds it between his legs.

The seal seems less-than-pleased with this sort of handling. It tries to break free by shimming a few times. However, after a few seconds, it stops in its tracks and lets the rescuer do his magic. Suddenly, another pair of hands appear in the frame. With one swift motion they cut a string choking the seal which all the hay was stuck to.

After taking all the trash away from the seal’s body, the rescuer who was initially holding the animal in-between his legs gives it a full-body stroke. Then, he encourages it to run back towards the ocean with its other friends.

The seal, probably shocked at this random act of kindness, doesn’t move for the first few seconds. After trusting that it is safe for it to join its friends, it slowly starts to wiggles forward. But, it turns back many-a-times to glance at the humans. The rescuer takes this as a sign of gratitude and says, “It’s a pleasure”.

We wonder if this seal will tell its friends about this kind gesture.


This little guy said "Thank You" after his rescue. Usually they just bite and run. I was happy and he was happy:) ##sealrescue ##animalrescue

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Since being shared, the film has been watched almost 13.5 million times. Additionally, it has nearly 3 million likes on the video-sharing application.

Here is how TikTok users reacted to the share. One person said, “He waddled away like ‘thank you...I guess’”. While another individual joked, “Woah what dog breed is that”.

“Faith in humanity being slowly restored,” read one comment.

What are your thoughts on this rescue mission?

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