This doggo, who is doubling as a shark, is a sight to see. Watch

If you weren’t aware of the existence of pooch-sharks, get ready to be amazed!
“That’s the cutest shark ever,” says a Redditor.(Reddit/@TeisTom)
“That’s the cutest shark ever,” says a Redditor.(Reddit/@TeisTom)
Updated on May 04, 2020 04:38 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | BySanya Budhiraja

We’re sure it ain’t easy being so cute and scary all at the same time. But this doggo, nevertheless, makes it seem as smooth as ever.

This almost 10-second-long clip was shared on Reddit. Posted on May 3, it has been captioned, “Beware of the couch shark”.

The recording starts with an ordinary shot of a couch. Soon the camera moves to focus towards the empty space between the couch and the carpeted floor. But behold! A few seconds into the video, viewers realise that the space isn’t so empty after all. A golden coloured doggo aggressively shimmies its way out from under the couch towards the cameraperson. Lucky for us, the camera is extremely close to the couch which blesses us with a close-up shot of the canine’s snout. The film ends with the pooch-shark lying on the floor, looking at the camera with its droopy eyes.

The post currently has over 23,800 upvotes and nearly 100 comments.

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Here is what Redditors had to say about the couch shark! One person wrote, “That’s the cutest shark ever”. While another said, “I call them alligators”.

“I call my pup a bed seal. She lays down and kind of slides forward leading with her giant nose and it’s adorable,” read one comment on the thread.

A Reddit user stated, “You’re lucky you moved when you did. They almost got you”. Yes, that is true! Being eaten by a couch shark would be tragic.

An individual declared, “This made my day! Thank you, kind Redditor”. It sort of made our day too! What about yourself?

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