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Come party with the Bhootnaths

We asked Dilliwaalas how they will celebrate Halloween tonight. Here are the creepiest of responses. And if you are still looking for a scare this Halloween, go haunt the following spots in Delhi.

lifestyle Updated: Oct 31, 2014 13:40 IST
Rhema Mukti Baxter and Aditya Dogra
Rhema Mukti Baxter and Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
Halloween,Spooky spots,Delhi

Popular in the West, Halloween is a relatively new concept in the Capital. Although several parties have been hosted in the past, this time, the Dilliwalas are giving the Halloween celebrations a new twist by hosting costume parties that include carving Jack-o-lanterns and playing the traditional Halloween game, Apple Bobbing.

Also, we dare you to take a walk on the dark side with our list of the most frightful places to be found in the 'city of djinns'. You are warned: We don't take any responsibility for any of the heebie-jeebies that you may encounter!'S SPOOKY SPOTSMalcha Mahal: The Bhangarh of Delhi where even the most lethal of dogs whimper, Malcha Mahal is where the great granddaughter of Nawab of Oudh, committed suicide by drinking crushed diamonds.

Delhi Cantonment: This commonly used passage that connects one side of Delhi to the other is haunted by the proverbial... *hold your breath* lady in white saree! Beware of the female asking for a lift. Not the best of places to play good Samritan in.

Feroz Shah Kotla fort: Not a place for the faint hearted, a narrow lane leads to this macabre citadel which used to be haunted by djinns -or maybe still is!

Sanjay Van: This huge forest, which is spread over 10kms, is famous for its winding banyan trees, cremation ground and a ghostly woman in a white sari swinging from an old Peepul tree.

Lothian Cemetery: The oldest Christian burial ground in Delhi is where a young soldier blew his head, after being rejected by the girl he loved, and who now walks with his head in his hands on moon-less nights.

Agrasen ki Baoli: As per the belief of the local people, the lower levels are filled with black water which hypnotizes people to commit suicide in the step well.

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb, Mehrauli Archeological Complex: People who visit have reported being slapped and, almost like adding insult to injury, being pushed thereafter.

Khooni Darwaza: According to urban legend, this is where people have reported blood dripping from the ceiling during monsoons, and voices screaming out during the nights. Also haunted, around the same place, is the Delhi Gate, which lies about half a kilometre away. Or, rather, the tree that grows outside it is.

District Centre, Janakpuri: It is believed that a spirit lures the weak willed to commit suicide from the high rise buildings. There are also claims of a weeping woman without a face.

Tree near Sector 9 Metro Station, Dwarka: People travelling at night have experienced an energy slapping them. A woman appears and disappears, sometimes even travelling alongside vehicles. Nadi, Rohini: It is rumoured that whoever enters the river is sucked inside by a mysterious force. At least the several suicides committed in the river have been blamed so.

Mutiny House, Kashmere Gate: A memorial built by the British to commemorate the death of their officials in the revolt of 1857, people have found chopped-up moving arms and legs of the deceased officials in the evenings.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewala: The old hunting lodge of Tughlaq has remained abandoned for centuries. It is known to be haunted with various sounds and invisible shuffling activity witnessed.

Karbala Graveyard, Civil Colony, BK Dutt Colony: The Shiite burial ground for the funeral of tazias, there is an eerie and gloomy ambience about this place, marked by cries and a certain loneliness which may get to you especially if visited during the evenings.

The Ridge, Timarpur: An extension of the Aravalli Hill range in Delhi is a haunting rocky and hilly, forested area where some of the most gory events of history took place. It is notorious for its moody ghosts. Be careful as parts of the Ridge don't get any network.

Karkardooma Court Complex: Lawyers, court staff and visitors have complained about abnormal events and sightings of mysterious shadowy figures. Eerie bubbles float around. Computers go on and off. Items disappear.

Illustration: Aditya Dogra

First Published: Oct 31, 2014 13:19 IST