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Dos and don'ts of exfoliation: Dermatologist-approved tips for glowing skin

Jul 05, 2023 12:41 PM IST

Discover the transformative power of exfoliation for your skin. Uncover dermatologist-approved dos and don'ts to achieve a radiant, glowing complexion.

Exfoliation is a crucial step in any skincare routine that can help you achieve a glowing and radiant complexion. Exfoliation, known for its rejuvenating effects and ability to make you feel refreshed and renewed, is a vital preventive measure in skincare. However, it's important to note that exfoliating isn't always as simple as it seems. In fact, improper exfoliation can have undesirable consequences. Despite its apparent simplicity, exfoliation requires careful attention to detail to avoid adverse outcomes.

In the quest for vibrant, radiant skin, exfoliation has become a cornerstone of skincare routines worldwide.(Freepik )
In the quest for vibrant, radiant skin, exfoliation has become a cornerstone of skincare routines worldwide.(Freepik )

Therefore, it's important to understand the dos and don'ts of exfoliation to ensure you are reaping its benefits without causing harm to your skin. From uncovering the do's that promote a healthy glow to steering clear of the don'ts that may harm your skin, here are some dermatologist-approved tips that will help you navigate the exfoliation journey with confidence and achieve the luminosity you desire. (Also read: Monsoon can trigger skin infections in diabetics; dos and don'ts for skin health to follow )

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Understanding exfoliation

"Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. It helps to unclog pores, promote cell turnover, improve skin texture, and enhance the absorption of skincare products. Regular exfoliation can leave your skin looking fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated," says Dr. Debanjoy Goswami, Dermatologist and Founder of Dgcosmetico.

Dos and don'ts of exfoliation

Dr. Debanjoy further shared with HT Lifestyle some important dos and don'ts of exfoliation for healthy, safe and beautiful skin.

1. Dos of exfoliation

To ensure a safe and effective exfoliation routine, here are some important dos to keep in mind:

  • Do choose the right exfoliant for your skin type

Different skin types have different exfoliation needs. If you have sensitive or dry skin, opt for gentle exfoliants like mild AHAs or PHA (polyhydroxy acids). Oily or acne-prone skin can benefit from BHAs or stronger exfoliants like glycolic acid. It is essential to choose products that suit your skin's unique requirements to avoid irritation or damage.

  • Do patch test new products

Before incorporating a new exfoliating product into your routine, always perform a patch test. Apply a small amount of the product to a discreet area of your skin and observe for any adverse reactions, such as redness, itching, or irritation. If no negative reactions occur within 24 hours, it is generally safe to use the product.

  • Do exfoliate regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to exfoliation. Aim to exfoliate 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin type and the strength of the exfoliant. Regular exfoliation helps maintain a fresh and glowing complexion while avoiding excessive irritation or damage.

  • Do listen to your skin

Every individual's skin is unique, and it's important to pay attention to how your skin reacts to exfoliation. If you experience excessive redness, dryness, or irritation, reduce the frequency or strength of your exfoliation. Listen to your skin's needs and adjust your routine accordingly.

2. Don'ts of exfoliation

To avoid potential pitfalls and damage, here are some crucial don'ts when it comes to exfoliation:

  • Don't over-exfoliate

While exfoliation is beneficial, overdoing it can lead to irritation, sensitivity, and a compromised skin barrier. Stick to the recommended frequency and avoid excessive scrubbing or prolonged exposure to exfoliating products.

  • Don't use harsh scrubs or brushes

Avoid using harsh physical exfoliants, such as scrubs with large, rough particles or stiff-bristled brushes. These can cause micro-tears in the skin and aggravate existing skin conditions. Opt for gentle exfoliants that provide effective exfoliation without causing harm.

  • Don't exfoliate irritated or broken skin

Exfoliating irritated or broken skin can exacerbate the problem and delay the healing process. If you have sunburn, cuts, rashes, or open acne sores, avoid exfoliation until your skin has fully healed.

  • Don't combine multiple exfoliating products

Using multiple exfoliating products simultaneously can overwhelm and sensitize your skin. Stick to one exfoliating product at a time and give your skin ample time to adjust before introducing new products into your routine.

"Exfoliation is a valuable skincare step that can significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin. By following the dos and don'ts outlined in this article, you can exfoliate effectively and safely. Remember to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type, listen to your skin's needs, and prioritize moisturization and sun protection. With proper exfoliation, you can achieve a glowing, smooth, and revitalized complexion," concludes Dr. Debanjoy.

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