Malayalam actress Subi Suresh dies of liver failure at 41; common causes of deadly liver complications

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Feb 22, 2023 05:45 PM IST

Malayalam actress Subi Suresh passed away at a private hospital in Kochi on February 22 due to acute liver failure. The actress suffered from liver issues for the past many years. Here are top causes of deadly liver complications in youth.

Malayalam actress, comedian and TV show host Subi Suresh passed away at a private hospital in Kochi on February 22. She suffered from acute liver failure and was admitted to hospital on January 28. The actress had been suffering from liver issues for the past many years and in previous interviews blamed her unhealthy lifestyle like not eating on time and not taking her medications for her poor health. According to media reports, the Subi was awaiting her liver transplant surgery and was even planning her wedding. (Also read: Malayalam actor and TV host Subi Suresh dies at 41, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan condoles death)

Malayalam actor and TV host Subi Suresh died at 41. There are multiple problems in the liver that can lead to mortality in youngsters. Most common among them we begin from hepatitis, liver cirrhosis to liver cancer.
Malayalam actor and TV host Subi Suresh died at 41. There are multiple problems in the liver that can lead to mortality in youngsters. Most common among them we begin from hepatitis, liver cirrhosis to liver cancer.

Liver problems that can cause mortality in youngsters

There are multiple problems in the liver that can lead to mortality in youngsters. Most common among them we begin from hepatitis, liver cirrhosis to liver cancer.

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"There are various types of acute hepatitis which become in the liver which can lead to mortality and death. These may be Hepatitis A, B, C, D, N, E which are commonly found. Then there may be abdominal hepatitis because of alcoholic liver disease. If we talk about cirrhosis, the same things which can lead to hepatitis ultimately resulting in liver cirrhosis. In the advanced stage of liver cirrhosis, mortality rate increases and higher the complications, multiple systems are involved and higher is the mortality. Liver cancer – Cirrhosis as well as non-cirrhotic liver develop liver cancer depending on the etiology, sometimes because of viral related infection, sometimes they develop on their own. Then there can be a few other complications like bile problems, cancer of pancreas, bile duct that can also affect the liver and ultimately lead to mortality. There can be multiple metastases from cancer anywhere else in the body. If they occur in the liver, they can also lead to mortality. So these are diseases which are common causes which can lead to mortality. They are found in liver related illnesses," says Dr. Bir Singh Sehrawat, Director & HOD, Gastroenterology, Marengo QRG Hospital Faridabad.

Bile complications and alcoholic liver diseases

"Liver cancer is most commonly found in the advanced stage but today we are seeing most of the youngsters developing bile complications as well as alcoholic liver diseases. These are the group of patients who are getting malignancy or cancer also at a younger age. Although alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis these primarily occur in younger people only," says Dr Sehrawat.

Common causes of liver complications at 40

Dr Aniket Mule, consultant internal medicine, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road talks in detail about the common causes of liver issues at a young age like 40.

1. Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol: Did you know? Having certain issues such as obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol can invite non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can ultimately lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. One can also need a liver transplant to improve the quality of life. Hence, suffering from these problems will invite any kind of liver disease in the 40s when it comes to both, men and women.

2. Alcohol consumption: Alcoholic fatty liver that leads to liver inflammation (alcoholic hepatitis), and scarring (cirrhosis) can happen after one drinks alcohol out of control. By the time one notices the symptoms, the liver may get damaged and one will need liver transplantation. Are you aware? Those who stop drinking can prevent liver damage.

3. Taking harmful supplements: Even if any supplements you are taking are labelled as 'natural' doesn’t mean they are suitable for you, or work wonders on your health. Certain herbal supplements and steroids can damage the liver and lead to liver. It is better to consult the doctor before taking any supplements and steroids.

4. Exposure to certain chemicals or toxins: Toxic hepatitis means an inflammation of the liver in reaction to certain substances to which one is exposed. Heavy metals, PCBs, and organochlorine insecticides can cause liver damage. So, be vigilant.

5. Family history: If your family member has liver disease, you may also be susceptible to liver diseases. It is the need of the hour to take utmost care of your health and improve your well-being. Currently, liver problems are rampant in all age groups and are causing higher mortality and morbidity rates in the country. In case, you are detected with any liver ailments than just consult the doctor without any delay. The doctor will decide on a suitable treatment for you. Try to stay fit and fine!

"To minimize the risk of these fatal diseases, we should avoid outside food, water, specially contaminated things, uncooked things, so we can save ourselves from infectious diseases like Hepatitis A, E which ultimately leads to hepatitis. We should also stay away from intake of alcohol. We should incorporate a lot of fresh green leafy vegetables in our daily diet as these contain antioxidants and help reduce mortality of liver disease," says Dr Sehrawat.

Preventive measures for liver health

"Liver is a very vital organ in the body. It is situated in the right upper quadrant in the abdomen. It performs so many important functions in the body. Before we talk about preventive measures for liver we should know what liver gets affected from. Usually, liver gets affected from excess of alcohol consumption, obesity, excess of fat in the body, some viruses like Hepatitis B, C and certain other diseases like autoimmune liver diseases. What can we do to prevent injury to the liver? Maintain healthy weight, have balanced diet. Obesity is a trouble so avoid it, do physical activity. We should make sure the needles are sterilised if we are getting a blood test done. Viruses get spread by contaminated blood needles, through sexual contact and from mother to child. Excess consumption of alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol causes cumulative damage. You will not feel any damage within a day, weeks or months and usually the effect comes when the limit is crossed and the cumulative damage starts showing up," says Dr Pawan Rawal, Head, Department of Gastroenterology and Liver diseases, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram.

Dr Rawal says liver disease can be silent killer as even when the 70-80% liver is damaged, there are no apparent symptoms.

"Do not wait for symptoms and preserve your liver by avoiding obesity, taking balanced diet, avoiding sedentary lifestyle. Do not smoke or drink alcohol, follow safe practices while needle transfusion," says the expert.

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