Prevent sinus infection in winters with these effective expert tips

Updated on Dec 11, 2021 04:14 PM IST

Wear a mask while stepping out in the bitter cold and hydrate yourself well to avoid sinus infections in winter season.

Dry air in winter or dust and mold could lead to sinus infection.(Pexels)
Dry air in winter or dust and mold could lead to sinus infection.(Pexels)

If your cold and cough has stretched beyond a few days or weeks accompanied with an annoying headache, facial pressure, and nasal congestion, it is time to consult your doctor as it could be a sinus infection. Apart from the cold, cough and allergies, exposure to winter air could also be one of the causes behind this problem as it dries out sinuses and cause infection. Then there are mold and dust that could enter your sinuses and lead to swelling.

Your adorable pets could also unknowingly make you sick as pet dander can cause inflammation of the sinuses leading to sinus infection. Also, limit your alchol intake to ward off risk of sinus infection as it can lead to inflammation of sinuses in winters, according to Dr. Sheetal Radia, Consultant Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Oncosurgery.

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A sinus is a hollow, air-filled cavity that gets inflamed because of various reasons. The sinus trouble mostly happens because of virus, but in some cases even bacteria and fungus can cause it. In case of viral infection, you can pass it on to others.

Common symptoms of a sinus infection are a runny nose, a notorious headache, congestion and facial pain. Ignoring these symptoms for long can worsen the symptoms and aggravate the pain.

Dr. Radia shares tips to prevent a sinus infection in winters:

* Wash your hands thoroughly before eating and after coming from outside to avoid germs entering the mouth and causing cold.

* Change the carpets and rugs often and keep the furniture, faucets, countertops, curtains, pillow, and mattresses clean. Get rid of molds at home.

* Try to avoid exposing yourself from pet dander and keep the windows closed. Take steam as suggested by the doctor.

* Use a good humidifier to avoid pain and pressure in the sinuses.

* Drink enough water so that the sinuses won't dry out.

* Wear a mask and cover your face when you venture out during the cold weather as dust, pollutants, and allergens can aggravate the sinus problem.

* Eat a well-balanced diet loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid processed, junk, and oily foods that can cause sinus problems. Also, say no to alcohol and smoking.

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