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Tips to overcome the feeling of unreadiness

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Jul 07, 2023 06:35 PM IST

From embracing a growth mindset to reflecting on past successes, here are a few tips to combat the feeling of unreadiness.

Sometimes we come across the feeling that we are not ready for it. It often happens when we are trying out something new that we are unsure about, or we are stepping out of our comfort zone. The feeling of unreadiness does not necessarily mean that we are not incapable or incompetent – it just means that we have the slight fear of starting something new. "Feeling unready is usually a sign that you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. By taking action, seeking support, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can move forward with your goals and aspirations," wrote Psychologist Gessica Di Stefano as she explained how we can overcome this feeling.

Tips to overcome the feeling of unreadiness(Unsplash)
Tips to overcome the feeling of unreadiness(Unsplash)

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"Feeling unready is a common human experience, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you're not capable or competent," Gessica further added. Take a look at the tips suggested by the expert by which we can overcome the feeling of unreadiness:

Break tasks into smaller steps: One step at a time will get us nearer to the goal. When we start to see the entire task, it may feel unachievable, but when we break it into smaller steps, we can make it look easier to ourselves.

Embrace a growth mindset: We should know that in order to grow, we need to step out of our comfort zone. When we embrace this growth mindset, we instantly become more welcoming to newer challenges and tasks.

Seek support and guidance: It’s a brave thing to ask for help. When things start to feel difficult for us, we should not hesitate in asking for help and support.

Past successes: We should keep reflecting on past successes that we have achieved. This will further boost our confidence levels.

Accept imperfection: We should be able to embrace our own imperfections and still try to achieve that we have set out for. Making mistakes, falling and getting back up, and learning from our faults are all parts of life and we should embrace it wholeheartedly.

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