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7 steps to deal with criticism in a healthy way

Sep 28, 2022 08:03 PM IST

Criticism is hard to deal with but it also helps us to get better. Here are 7 steps to gracefully deal with criticism while maintaining your boundaries.

Everyone will experience criticism at some point in their lives. It might seem awkward, unpleasant, and often quite personal, so we might want to avoid it. However, constructive criticism can be a gift if it is given and received correctly. Since nobody is perfect, constructive criticism can be a useful tool for filling in the gaps in our knowledge, expertise, and experience, which will aid in our ability to learn, develop, and improve. It is important to recognise ways in which you may benefit from criticism and utilise it to your advantage in order to be a stronger and more capable person since how you choose to respond to criticism has a ripple impact on numerous elements of your life. (Also read: 8 strategies to silence your inner critic)

7 Steps to deal with criticism in a healthy way(freepik)
7 Steps to deal with criticism in a healthy way(freepik)

Dr. Carolyn, Psychologist, suggested seven steps to deal with criticism in a healthy way.

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1. Lead with active listening

Practice listening only to understand what the other person is saying without interrupting. arguing, or correcting. You can share your points later.

2. Recognise any difference

Catch yourself when you are only focused on what you don't agree with or inaccuracies and exaggerations. Recognize and acknowledge this, then release it.

3. Release tension in your body

Take slow, deep breaths to calm your body. We normally carry stress and tension in our bodies without realizing it when receiving criticism.

4. Take ownership

The ability to acknowledge that you made a mistake or could use improvement in an area shows others that you are capable of taking responsibility.

5. Don't listen if you can't

Moments like these can spur anger or high emotions. If you do not want to listen to criticism, suggest re-visiting the conversation at a later time when you can show up with more openness.

6. Share your perspective

After listening, share the truth of your experience, your viewpoint and your feelings about the situation. They are just as valid as the other person's input.

7. Draw the line when boundaries are crossed

Set a limit if someone is being rude or crossing other boundaries. You can say. "I want to hear what you have to say, but I need you to say it respectfully" or simply leave.

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