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7 tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship

Sep 29, 2022 07:00 PM IST

Has your relationship lost its spark since the first few years? Here are some expert-approved tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship.

When you first met and started dating, you probably didn’t have to think about how to create excitement and interest in the time you spent together. This is normal because the early stages of a relationship are often a time of discovery and novelty.⁠ Long-term relationships are a gift. It’s not easy for two people to come together and stay together. Humans don’t like change and being with the same person allows us to open up in ways that we can’t alone, or in a series of flings.⁠ But the other side of being in a trust-based, long-term relationship is the potential to stagnate as both partners get so comfortable together that they lose their personal space. (Also read: Ways to express love in a relationship: Expert shares tips )

7 Tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship(Unsplash)
7 Tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship(Unsplash)

"Every relationship has tough times and dry spells where you’re not spending time with each other. But regardless of what got you into this rut in the first place, if you don’t invest a certain amount of time and energy on a regular basis, you could end up with a broken relationship.⁠ To get the spark back in your relationship, the first thing you need to know is you both have to make a conscious effort.⁠" says Clinton Power, Relationship Counsellor and Marriage Therapist, in his Instagram post. He further suggests seven tips to bring excitement back into your long-term relationship.

1. Experiment with doing novel things

Introducing novelty can be as simple as changing up one thing in your relationship such as trying a new restaurant or walking a new route to the store together.

2. Be sexually adventurous

For example, if you always have sex in the bedroom, go a month without having sex in bed. For some reason, just being in a different room or location can make things more interesting.

3. Do a thrilling activity

Sky diving, mountain biking, surfing, wave-boarding, riding a roller coaster, hiking the outback -any of these activities are not done every day, but they will get you out of a routine and they can be done with other couples.

4. Do something out of the comfort zone

Entering a new and slightly uncomfortable situation together has the potential to strengthen and invigorate the relationship. And you'll come out stronger as individuals, too.

5. Work on a project together

Going to the farmer's market and picking out exotic vegetables to cook a completely new dish is a project. Walking around with your cameras and taking street shots is another way to be creative in your time together.

6. Plan a new adventure

If you really need to shake up your routine, planning a new adventure together can inject a lot of excitement into your relationship. And you don't have to go overseas to have an adventure. Local adventures can be just as exciting.

7. Have a regular date night

Relationship experts all agree that a regular date night can help you reignite your relationship spark because it's something you can look forward to each week or fortnight.

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