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Common pitfalls in relationship we should know about

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Dec 05, 2023 09:31 AM IST

From expecting the partner to change to carrying past baggage into the present, here are a few common pitfalls in a relationship.

A relationship is based on the foundation blocks of love, affection, loyalty, understanding, communication and trust. In a healthy relationship, the people equally put effort in creating a healthy space for exchange of emotions and vulnerability without the fear of being judged for who they are. However, sometimes, a relationship can go through rough patches. "We often choose partners reflecting our self-relationship and parental dynamics. Recognising unhealthy patterns allows for growth and change.⁠ Acknowledge that change begins within. Blaming your partner for dissatisfaction often masks deeper issues within yourself," wrote Therapist Jordan Green. Here are a few common pitfalls in a relationship that we should know about.

Common pitfalls in relationship we should know about(Pexels)
Common pitfalls in relationship we should know about(Pexels)

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Expecting change: We can always expect our partners to change according to us, however, that's not how things work. Most times, when we expect them to change, we might get disappointed. People grow and go through changes – those changes may not meet our expectations.

Seeking happiness externally: one of the biggest mistakes we make in a relationship is expecting our partners to make us happy all the time. When we start to rely on them for our happiness, we may get disappointed. True happiness comes from within us, and we should focus on making things happy.

Ignore connection bids: When the partner makes efforts to develop deeper connection with us, we should not ignore those signs. These small signs of ignorance can make them feel unwanted and stop them from trying to deepen intimacy with us.

Mind reading: Expecting our partners to magically know how we are feeling sets unrealistic expectations for us. It is impossible for them to know our emotions unless we clearly communicate the same to them.

Past baggage: we should drop past baggage in the past and move on to the present with a clear mindset. We should learn to let go and embrace life as it unfolds.

Approaching conflicts as enemies: Disagreements and conflicts are parts of a healthy relationship. However, the way we address them matters. Instead of trying to go against each other, we should act as a team against the problem and work together in finding solutions.

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