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Expectations that hold us back from building a healthy relationship

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Dec 22, 2022 08:34 AM IST

From putting the responsibility of our happiness in our partner’s hands to trying to make the relationship look like a fairy tale, here are seven myths and expectations that hold us back from having a healthy and happy relationship.

A healthy relationship takes a lot of effort from both ends to make it a successful one. Every relationship, in the early phases, is laden with the firecrackers phase. But after the initial excitement dies down, it becomes a long journey of two people committing in knowing each other, understanding each other, and staying by each other, no matter what. Through this journey, often hurdles come when people undergo changes in their perspectives and opinions, often the expectations of each other can be burdening. However, with healthy communication and understanding, a relationship can be saved and made a healthy space for two people to live in.

Expectations that hold us back from building a healthy relationship(Unspalsh)
Expectations that hold us back from building a healthy relationship(Unspalsh)

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Psychologist Nicole LePera, in one of her recent Instagram posts, shared the expectations that can hold us back from achieving a healthy relationship. They are as follows:

My partner should make me happy: A partner’s primary task is not to make us happy. In fact, when we put the responsibility of our own happiness in someone else’s hands, it can often lead to disappointment.

Sex is the most important thing: Every relationship has their own set of rules. While sex can be important for some, for others it need not be. Physical and emotional intimacy are up to the people who are involved in the relationship.

My partner is not attracted to anyone: This is a biological myth, as people can also be attracted to others, even though they are in love with us. That does not cancel out the love they have for us.

Relationships will be easy: No relationship is easy. Even with the right person, it takes a whole of efforts to make it a healthy one.

Love conquers all: Love does not conquer it all. In fact, crisis management, healthy communication, respecting each other and the skill of understanding each other conquers it.

Love should feel like a fairy tale: Love does not feel like a fairy tale. Often, love involves having vulnerabilities and difficulties, and seeing the hurdles together.

Jealousy is a sign of love: It is a natural emotion, however, extremities of it can be the reflection of their own insecurities.

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