Signs of healthy communication style: Therapist shares insights - Hindustan Times

Signs of healthy communication style: Therapist shares insights

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
Oct 02, 2022 02:57 PM IST

From learning to respect the needs of others to the art of listening, here are a few signs of healthy communication.

Communication is one of the primary ways of connecting with people. As we grow up, we learn that people are not mind readers. They need a clear communication from our end regarding the emotions, needs, wants and expectations we have from them to know how much they can meet them. This also forms the basis of healthy relationships in adulthood. As we learn to navigate through life, learning the art of communication is also a trick. Family and relationship therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw addressed this issue in her recent Instagram post and wrote noted sown a few signs that denote that the communication style used by us is a wholesome one.

Signs of healthy communication style: Therapist shares insights(Pexels)
Signs of healthy communication style: Therapist shares insights(Pexels)

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Express: To express the needs we have, first we need to understand that whatever we are feeling is valid and legit. Understanding them and then expressing them clearly to the other person is a healthy sign.

Comfort: While we learn to communicate, sometimes we may come off to situations where we need to tell the uncomfortable things as well. But learning to value the comfort of yourself and the comfort of others and then communicating the same is a good way of doing it.

Listen: To learn to speak and communicate, we also need to learn to listen. While our emotions are valid and deserve to be shared, so is the emotion of others.

Care and respect: Respect and compassion are two of the most valuable parts of communication. Learning to care and show respect to others through communication is a healthy sign.

Stand the ground: Standing the ground in difficult situations, holding the fort for yourself and standing up for yourself is a healthy way. However, we should also learn to stand the ground for others.

Flexibility: We should learn to be flexible all the while honoring the needs we have and ensuring that they do not get subdued.

Handling the needs: Sometimes we may need to compromise on the needs we have, but they should not surpass the point as to how much we can handle.

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