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What boundaries in friendship look like

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Jul 06, 2023 12:51 PM IST

From values and beliefs to personal space, here are a few things that we must respect when it comes to friendships.

In any relationship, boundaries are extremely important for our own mental and emotional wellbeing. Be it a romantic relationship, or the one with our parents, or friendship, it is very important to build certain boundaries so that others can know which limits to never cross. When it comes to boundaries, it may vary with a relationship. Depending on the safety and the relationship we have with the other person, we try to grow boundaries. Often, we mistake boundaries to be important only in family and romantic relationships. But in friendships, they are equally important. "Boundaries in friendships are not about building walls or shutting people out, but rather about creating a framework that promotes respect, autonomy, and mutual well-being. They allow friendships to flourish in a balanced and nurturing environment," wrote Therapist Israa Nasir as she explained the importance of boundaries in friendships.

What boundaries in friendship look like?(Pexels)
What boundaries in friendship look like?(Pexels)

"Friends can establish boundaries that protect their time, energy, and personal space, allowing them to engage in self-care practices, pursue personal goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Boundaries also provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-discovery, encouraging friends to explore their own identities, interests, and boundaries outside of the friendship," further explained Israa.

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Here are a few ways to build boundaries in friendships:

Respect for time and availability: We often mistake that our friends should be available for us at all times – however, as we grow up, we should understand that they may have other commitments as well. Availability and having time for a friend is important while also managing time for other priorities.

Respect for personal values and beliefs: Even when we grow up together with our friends, it is okay to have sifferent set of values and beliefs. And as a friend, we should respect the other person's perspectives.

Respect for personal space: We should understand that a friend is allowed to have his/her own personal space, where he/she may not allow others to be a part of.

Respect for trust and confidentiality: We should know how to trust our friends and respect the same. Confidentiality, from big to small secrets, is what grows a friendship and deepens it.

Respect for accountability: When someone does not treat us the way we want them to, we should confront them in a healthy manner and ask them to be accountable for it.

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