IOA chief Narinder Batra.(File Photo)
IOA chief Narinder Batra.(File Photo)

IOA’s treasurer wants Batra to give financial support to NSFs, SOAs

PUBLISHED ON JUL 19, 2020 10:18 PM IST

The National Sports Federations and State Olympic Associations are in financial crisis due to the pandemic and Indian Olympic Association should provide them a grant of Rs 10 lakh each, IOA treasurer Anandeshwar Pandey has written to president Narinder Batra.

Pandey said IOA should take a cue from the International Olympic Committee’s move to give US 150 million dollars to NOCs during this difficult period by raising sponsorship.

“I request both president and secretary general that instead of wasting money on expensive lawyers, IOA should give one time additional financial grant to all the NSFs, SOAs..,” Pandey said in his letter to Batra, adding that the affiliates don’t have money even to pay salaries.

“I formally propose that IOA should give an additional grant of Rs 10 lacs to each of its affiliated members. I request you to approach sponsors and raise more money for the members,” Pandey said. “Instead, you (Batra) are writing so many emails against IOA itself and pushing away even the existing sponsors.”

Raising objections over Batra’s directives that the internal audit report of IOA should be submitted directly to him, Pandey said as the treasurer of IOA

it was his duty to look after finance and audit function and give necessary instructions.

...”In case the internal auditor does not follow this procedure, I will have to recommend his removal to the executive council.”

“IOA has to ask for his membership number of chartered accountants institute and UDIN number before we accept his report. I am aware that the internal auditor is also auditor of Hockey India and you appointed him as he was known to you personally,” he said.

“I request you that IOA has a very good procedure for making payments and is absolutely a good and clean organization. Your letters are giving the wrong impression and are against the interest of IOA. Please be responsible. Otherwise, IOA will be in serious trouble only because the president is writing against IOA,” Pandey said, levelling the allegation of payment of Rs 13 crore without Batra’s approval as baseless.

“Each and every payment of IOA has been made in transparent manner as per the constitution and well established procedures of IOA.

“I never objected to your spending more than Rs 1.2 crore on the visit of IOC president to India. This amount included huge payment of more than 50 lacs to Lalit Hotel where you are a director without any tender.”

“Our public relation exercise was good and you as IOA president were successful after this function to become IOC member. Now that you are IOC member please be helpful to the members rather than behaving like a ‘Big Boss’ with no sympathy or feelings for the difficulties of members.”

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