Police follower’s son nabbed for making lewd calls to 14 women

Son of a police follower, had been making lewd calls and sending obscene messages to at least 14 women for the last six months.

lucknow Updated: Jul 19, 2013 12:15 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times

Raja, 22, son of a police follower (peon), had been making lewd calls and sending obscene messages to at least 14 women for the last six months.

He had also been making crank calls to the women constables of Women Power Line (WPL) 1090- the devoted service to curb crank calling- through a mobile phone number obtained on a forged identity.

The WPL staff finally arrested the accused on Thursday by tracing his location somewhere near Parivartan Chowk in Hazratganj.

A resident of Mahanagar, Raja is a roadside vendor while his father is a follower in police wireless headquarters.

The police have registered two separate cases against him for misbehaving with women by making frequent lewd calls, cheating and fraudulently procuring SIM cards.

“The Power Line call centre received the first complaint against him on January 22. We first tried to counsel him to explain to him that what he is doing is an offence. But he did not pay heed to our warnings. He even used abusive language to the women staff of the Power line. He made 139 calls to 1090 whenever the men staff used to call him for counselling. We were forced to initiate stern action against him,” said Raghvendra Pratap Singh, the WPL office in-charge.

Singh said at least 14 different women and girls had registered a complaint against him since January 22.

Detailed investigation suggested he used to make calls to 28 more women but they silently bore the torture and ignored it.

He made calls using two different SIM cards, both procured on forged identity, said Singh.

He said the WPL would pursue the case strongly in the court and ensure that he was convicted instead of getting a bail.

He said the Power Line staff had concrete documentary as well as recorded evidences against him.

The cell phone and SIM card that he used in making calls to women have also bee n recovered from him.

First Published: Jul 19, 2013 12:11 IST