Stop phubbing: 5 places, situations where it is absolutely rude to use your phone

Cellphone addiction often results in us compromising on basic manners and etiquettes. But sometimes, it’s downright inappropriate to being glued to your smartphone.

more lifestyle Updated: Oct 21, 2017 08:20 IST
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It’s not polite to constantly fiddle with your phone in certain situations and places. (Shutterstock)

Times were simpler before smartphones and social media turned people dependent on technology. Now, we often find people constantly on their phones even when common courtesy dictates otherwise. A thumb rule of human interaction is to give the person you’re with enough attention, and not ‘phub’ them. Phubbing is a new-age term to describe a situation where you feel snubbed because the person you’re with is busy with a phone. So be sure to not use your phone too much while on a date or at the dinner table.

We list 5 places where it’s advisable to keep your phone on silent mode, or just switch it off:

1) At funerals

If you’re at a funeral, and you’re yapping away on the phone, it’s disrespectful. Period. It’s disrespectful to the dead, to the kin, to everyone around you, basically. You’re there to pay your tribute to the deceased and condole with friends and family. It’s best to keep your phone away and focus on doing that.

2) In movie theatres

There’s nothing more annoying in a theatre than someone who thinks their phone calls are more important than letting people enjoy the movie they’ve paid to watch. If you must take a business call, or some such, quietly step out of the cinema hall, and finish the conversation. Oh also, even if you’re not on a call but just scrolling through Instagram, we’ve got news for you. The light your precious phone emits is still bothersome to others.

If you must take a call, quietly step out of the cinema hall, and finish the conversation. (Shutterstock)

3) At hospitals

In general, hospitals are filled with nervous patients, anxious family members, harried doctors and frenzied nurses. And yes, there’s a fair bit of waiting around involved in hospitals. But to kill time, avoid making the phone calls that on your to-do list. No one needs to hear you arguing with customer care or catching up with a friend while they’re waiting for their medical reports.

4) On flights

When the air hostess asks you to turn your phone off, she means it. Treat the time as a digital detox – use the flight to catch up on your sleep, watch a movie or just talk to your co-passenger if they’re up for it. At a time when people actually go to vacations where cellular ranges don’t reach, welcome the break from your cellphone.

5) Behind the wheel

Despite numerous awareness campaigns in recent years, there are still an alarming number of people who use their cellphones while driving. It’s a huge safety hazard – not only to you, but also others on the road. Use a hands-free option, put your phone on speaker, or just ignore the call. Nothing is worth the risk.

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First Published: Oct 21, 2017 08:20 IST