The nuts you meet on the Internet: Beware of these six types of trolls

Updated on May 12, 2017 08:56 PM IST

From the bullying bhai brigade to the agonisingly boring preachers, be careful of these Internet trolls.

These trolls will leave you scratching your head, wondering what’s wrong with the world.
These trolls will leave you scratching your head, wondering what’s wrong with the world.
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If there is one thing you cannot escape on the Internet, it’s ‘The Troll’. The Internet is full of trolls, some of them funny and some of them are just a headache. If you have difficulty navigating the world of trolls, then go through this guide that identifies 6 types of trolls you meet on the internet.

1)The Bhai Brigade

The ‘bhai brigade’ is like a crouching tiger hidden dragon, ready to pounce on you if you dare go against the celebrities they worship. Their entire social media existence is dedicated to professing their love for the celebrities. They are only two things they do on social media a) Praise thy celebrity b) Thou shall take down anyone who dares critique my favourite celebrity. “ Such people blindly worship their idols. If you critique their idols and make a joke about them, the ‘bhai brigade’ takes it as a personal attack,” says psychologist Pulkit Sharma.

2)The Jolly LLB

Like a viper, they hide. No comments or uploads on social media. But as soon as they notice any kind of debate going on social media, they’ll jump in, always playing the role of devil’ advocate. They never stop and will always look to have the last laugh. They can turn a well researched piece of paper into an irrelevant comic book. Want to stay in a state of zen? Then don’t mess with them.

“While dealing with trolls, I follow the advice of George Bernard Shaw. He aptly said, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.The internet is full of trolls. If you cannot block them just ignore them. Don’t let their negativity get to you,” says Papa CJ, comedian

3)The Snowflakes

There is not a single day on social media when controversial topics are not discussed. And when this happens, someone is bound to get offended. But snowflakes are special because they get offended at everything. Even if the content is humorous or sarcastic, they will dig out something to get offended at and play the victim. You can literally feel their digital waterworks (tears) in their status or comments. Snowflakes love to bheja fry people with their tears. “ For snowflakes, only their opinion exists and if you present them with a different opinion then they can’t take it. They get offended by it. Objectivity does not exists in their case”, says psychologist Pulkit Sharma.

4) The ‘Out of Nowhere’ Troll

Ever noticed how sometimes you are engaged in a serious debate or conversation online and out of nowhere you see a comment like ‘ you got rick rolled’ and then boom, the topic just changed. All the hard work you put into that topic gone down the drain. They just leave you exasperated, scratching your head and wordless.

“There is no harm in engaging in a bit of friendly matter while you are on the internet. However, they are a few who enjoy hurting people by being mean to them. They troll in a manner which is offensive and hurtful. Avoid getting into conversations and arguments with them. They never stop, in fact they enjoy hurting other people,” says Nida Mahmood, fashion designer

5)The Dragon

They troll because they can, they start pointless debates because they can. They just want attention and they do whatever they can to get it. Like a dragon spits out fire, they spit out insults. Like a wrecking ball, they jump into any conversation or debate firing insults left and right. “ These people crave power and attention above everything else. They often resort to name calling to get what they want”, states psychologist Pulkit Sharma.

“There are two types of trolls, one who uses mean language but the intent is to engage in banter and other who just wants to hurt because they get off on it. Always remember if you can’t take it then don’t give it. If you engage in an argument with them, then will bheja fry you. For your peace of mind, steer clear of these ignorant trolls,” says Rajneesh Kapoor, comedian.

6)The Preacher

The preacher takes everything out of context and turns it into a holy philosophical debate. They will cut copy paste quotes from various authors shamelessly, just to prove their point. Their live by the motto ‘thou shall turn everything into a boring sermon’. They troll by boring you to death.

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