The viral cake ‘slicing’ hack gets a mixed response from bakers

Considered to be a terrific ‘hack’, the video shows cake being cut with the help of an upside down wine glass to scoop a slice
The viral cake ‘slicing’ hack
The viral cake ‘slicing’ hack
Updated on Dec 18, 2020 05:28 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Delhi | By Sanchita Kalra

The year 2020 has given numerous food trends to try this year. From dalgona coffee to garden focaccia to banana bread and pancake cereal, netizens left no stone unturned to try new, innovative delicacies at home amid the pandemic. And the latest trend that’s taking the Internet by storm is the viral cake slicing video.

Considered to be a terrific ‘hack’, the video shows cake being cut with the help of an upside down wine glass to scoop a slice. The result is eating a slice of cake straight in a glass, fuss-free!


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The video was first posted by TikTok user @theroseperiod and has received mixed reactions from bakers and aficionados across the globe. Some are calling it a super-cool technique as it’s almost contactless and an excellent trick considering the current pandemic scenario. An Instagram user commented, “It’s all fun and games until somebody’s glass chips off in the cake...”, another Twitter user replied, “I definitely want a middle piece.”

However, bakers are finding the trend to be obnoxious and say that ‘it ruins the hard work’. Delhi-based home baker, Aanchal Kanotra feels the trend is a disregard towards the effort and time devoted by the baker. She says, “This is the new trend of the town and honestly, being a baker I am absolutely disappointed with it. It’s a very disrespectful way of cutting a cake which is made with a lot of hard work. If I would know beforehand that my client is going to do this while cutting the cake, I won’t put a lot of efforts on design honestly and rather I’ll spend my time on another cake.”

Another Delhi-based baker, Mehak Narula from Baked by Mehak echoes the same thought. She says, “This is absolutely brutal. It breaks my heart to see the hard work being cut like this. It takes a lot of energy and labour to delicately put the layers of cake together. It’s not just a piece of cake, a baker’s piece of heart goes along. This trend does the opposite.”

However, Sanchita Rateria Agarwal from The Sinful Spoon has a new trend in mind to kickstart. She says, “This is the honestly the coolest thing ever! Not very practical, of course. But anything for Instagram right (coming from a person who has to be super active in posting interesting content everyday). How about pouring some wine over it and making it a cake/milkshake/wine-shake?”

A prior intimation from the client for such a cake can be good feels another Mumbai-based baker, Surveen. She says, “If I get to know before hand that customers want a cake to try this trend that will be great because it will save my efforts too. And frankly, in today’s Covid-10 situation, hygiene comes first. So it’s up to the client how the person wants to eat.”

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