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Review: please, please don’t go

If the idea was to go erotic, wet and exciting, this Ram Gopal Varma ka Kama Sutra is as low as it gets, avers Khalid Mohamed.
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UPDATED ON OCT 05, 2007 08:40 PM IST



Imitation Urmila Matondkar aka Nisha Kothari, no screen presence Gautam Gupta


Manish Srivastav (no comments)



There she goes, with the entire nation’s ants in her pants. Wiggle, shake, squirm, pout, shudder, strip, zip, blip, she does it all, but is about as sexy as a mashed potato. Seriously, if the idea was to go erotic, wet and exciting, this Ram Gopal Varma


Kama Sutra is as low as it gets. Imagine spending two hours with Nisha Kothari with..and worse..without hot pants.

Honestly, Go, a launch pad for one Gautam Gupta, is so much more obsessive about Miss Nisha. How you wish you were somewhere else. For this there are a 1001 reasons. Just three will suffice to convey the trauma of watching the Varma-misproduced and Manish Srivastav-misdirected thingy about Hot Pants running all over the countryside with an Expressionless

Newbie. Sheer torture.

Now Hottie and Expressionless scream out such superbly accurate dialogue as, “You are very silly” and “This is a mess.” Best of all, when he says, “Do you know the deputy Chief

Minister?”, her response is, “What’s that? Is he the Chief Minister’s deputy?” Cross my heart and hope to die.. you actually hear that. Absolutely the ear’s best.

To come quickly then to the three mega-reasons for avoiding Go: producer R G Wee has obviously just unearthed a video of his 1997 Telugu hit (yeah, he used to make them once upon a time) called Anaganaga Oka Roju, a road-com in which Urmila Matondkar and J D Chakravarthy fled with an audio cassette which could dethrone a murderous Chief Minister. Hence, the subject is dated. Miss Kothari is a very poor woman’s version of Urmilaji and hello, debutant Gautam boy doesn’t even have a Chakravarthy beard. Weird.

Second don’t-go reason: K K Menon wears a Mexican sombrero in which a hundred pigeons could build a nest, Rajpal Yadav doing a take-off on Michael Jackson and then Agneepathwala Amitabh Bachchan (can’t tell which is worse), a mummy sort wearing a headache band which you want to borrow right away, and there’s an actor portraying a Chief

Minister with streaked, orange, purple, blue gold hair. Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh, are you watching sir?

And the third reason not to go: Nisha Kothari, Nisha Kothari, Nisha Kothari. And to think there was a time when Mr Varma’s Factory churned out movies and not head-banger imitations of his own products. Really how Anaganaga Oka Roju.. Bilkul Bakwas is that!

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