Thane civic body’s survey to check ground reality

The survey will define the financial viability of each cluster, demarcate boundaries of the city while mapping the Thane coastline and give accurate measurements of each plot in the city.

mumbai Updated: Apr 22, 2018 00:42 IST
Megha Pol
Megha Pol
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The total area under TMC is 128.23 sqm. There are 804 reserved plots in the Development Plan. (Praful Gangurde/ Hindustan Times)

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) will soon undertake Rs5.97-crore ground level survey of the entire city for better implementation of development plans, smart city projects and cluster development schemes.

A consultant surveyor will be appointed for the survey which will take three years and will be viable for five to ten years. The survey also will define the financial viability of each cluster, demarcate boundaries of the city while mapping the Thane coastline and give accurate measurements of each plot in the city, thus resolving any conflict of interest which arise while implementing any developmental project.

“We have undertaken major developmental projects, several projects under the smart city scheme and the cluster development scheme. We need a detailed survey of every nook and corner of the city for this purpose. We have decided to appoint an agency for the survey. It will help implement each project better,” said an officer requesting anonymity.

The survey will also benefit the upcoming cluster development project. It will give an idea of how many people will have to be rehabilitated in each cluster, the available residential and commercial areas in the city and the floor space index (FSI) calculations for each cluster. It will help in preparing the detailed project report (DPR) of each urban renewal plan (URP) in the cluster scheme. “This will be required for the stakeholders who invest in the project,” said the officer.

The developmental plan (DP) of Thane city was implemented in 2003. The total area under TMC is 128.23sqm. There are 804 reserved plots in the DP and as per rules, TMC was supposed to develop 767 plots in ten years. However, only 40% of the DP has been implemented till now.

The survey will focus on reservations which are encroached by surveying both the total reserved and encroached areas. It will help decide the transferrable development rights (TDR) to be given for these developmental works. It will also help in documentation of those plots whose reservations need to be modified.

The officer also said, “The survey will demarcate the boundaries of reserved plots which need to be acquired and developed. The plots which belong to defence and government agencies as well as those that are protected and regulatory will be mapped. A map of water bodies in the city and any plan to divert them will be created under the survey.”


• Detailed documentation and maps of all the reserved plots in the city will be made

• Boundaries of roads, water bodies and coastline will be defined

• Area of each of URPs in the clusters will be demarcated

• Survey will decide TDR to be allotted for development

• The survey will be completed in three years and will be valid for five to ten years

What is a developmental plan?

As per the Maharashtra Region and Town Planning Act, every municipal corporation should prepare a DP of the city to be implemented over the next twenty years. The DP is the blueprint for the city’s infrastructure development. It dictates the development of civic amenities, transportation networks, infrastructure and usage of land for that period.

TMC’s DP explained

History: The process of preparation of the draft DP was initiated in 1986.The draft development plan (DDP) was published in 199. After complying with all legal formalities, the revised draft DP was submitted for approval of the state in 1996. The state government after making necessary inquiries and consulting with the director, town planning of Maharashtra government, sanctioned the DP with some modifications on October 4, 1999. The excluded part (EP) was sanctioned on April 3, 2003. Thus, the DP for TMC came in to force from May 14, 2003.

Salient features

128.23 sqm total area under TMC

59.30 sqm of this land is developable

36.82 sqm of this land is non-developable

32.11 sqm of this land is under green zone

12.67 sqm of this land is for 804 reserved sites in 11 planning sectors

7.42sqm total road area shown in the DP

26.65 sqm total residential area shown in the DP

12.54 sqm total industrial area shown in the DP

Rs209 crore the cost of acquisition of entire land under reservation as per prices in 1991

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