Few people know that I composed Tere Bin: Mithoon

Updated on May 11, 2007 01:02 PM IST
He made waves with Anwar. So, what’s Mithoon, the music composer of Tere Bin and Maula Mere, doing right now? Rachana Dubey finds out .
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He made waves with Anwar. So, what’s Mithoon, the 21-year-old music composer, doing right now? Rachana Dubey finds out

Where have you been after Anwar?
I’ve a policy of working on one album or one film at a time. After Bas Ek Pal and Anwar, I’ve been working on Shyam Bajaj’s The Train.

From what I’m told, the album’s doing well. For the last 15 days, I’ve been working on my next project, Anant Mahadevan’s Agar. I’ve been pretty much around.

Haven’t you become Emraan Hashmi’s voice?
(Laughs) My voice suits Emraan really well. You won’t believe this.. I never wanted to be a singer. The producers were running out of a deadline.

They wanted the song immediately. I didn’t know whom to give it to. So, I sang both the songs. Later, I made a list of probable singers for Woh ajnabi and Mausam.

But Emraan, the producers, the music company and my father convinced me that I sounded perfect.. there was absolutely no need for a re-recording.

Don’t you feel you’ve replaced Himesh in Shyam Bajaj’s camp?
Now, this is news to me! Honestly, I don’t know anything about why Himesh is no longer in their team. Anant Mahadevan and Shyam Bajaj both approached me for Agar. I liked the subject and accepted it. I didn’t know about these details. I can’t stop people from believing that I’ve replaced Himesh.

What’s the update on your album with Atif Aslam?
It’s on but for some reason it’s getting postponed. It’ll happen soon.

Your albums do well, but you seem to go unnoticed.
True. A lot of my friends have pointed this out to me. There are people who don’t know that I composed Tere bin (Bas Ek Pal) and Maula mere (Anwar). But trust me, that doesn’t demoralise me.

How do you look at your uncle Pyarelal’s comeback?
I can’t tell you how excited the whole family is. We’re so happy that Pyare baba is making a re-entry. I’ve grown up listening to his music.. Pyare baba is an institution for me.

Your cousin Monty is also making his debut as a composer this year.
Yeah..Monty is my senior. He’s had the privilege of learning from dadaji (Ramprasad Sharma). His debut film, Sawariya, is something that I feel proud of. Monty and I share a very strong rapport both as brothers and composers.

Don’t you think there’s competition at home for you?
Not at all. Monty has his own way of doing things.. I have mine. I don’t believe in competition and comparisons in music. At home, we’re all into music in one or the other ways. We’re friends, brothers and professionals.

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