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Flying high

Canadian rock band, Low Level Flight in a tete-a-tete with Nikhil Taneja, after a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe...

music Updated: Apr 04, 2009 20:35 IST
Nikhil Taneja
Nikhil Taneja
Hindustan Times

Canadian rock band, Low Level Flight in a tete-a-tete with Nikhil Taneja, after a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe...

How was the response to your performances?
Ryan: (Smiles) It was amazing! We’ve had two sold out shows so far, and it was incredible.
Brandon: (Smiles) To be honest, we weren’t expecting this kind of response. People were going crazy, it was hard to believe!

Do your performances always get such a response back home in Canada?
Ryan: Actually, it’s different in Canada where a lot of bands are trying to make a go at it. Here, the vibe as a band is much better. It’s a new experience for everyone.. including the audience.

Your bassist, Shaun Noronha is Indian. Is that why you guys decided to tour India?
Ryan: India has a good market for rock so we wanted to be one of the first bands from Canada to tour. It’s a magical country with a lot of beauty.

You seem fascinated with India.
Ryan: (Laughs) For sure, man. India’s by far exceeded our expectations.
Brandon: There’s actually a huge population of Indian people back in Canada. So we are definitely used to being around the Indian culture of the food, the music and even the movies. (Chuckles) Oh yeah, I do know Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan!
Ryan: Yeah, in fact, there are many Indian people there who haven’t been to India.. so we are actually lucky to have come here. (Laughs) And as for the movies, ironically, I even acted in the Indian film, Hero – Love Story of a Spy.

Really? What part did you play?
Ryan: (Laughs) I played a waiter for Sunny Deol! But that experience was nothing like I’ve ever had .. to see the amount of fans who had come.

Will you follow Ryan’s footsteps. Brandon?
(Laughs) Oh, for sure. I’d love it! I just need to get my dancing moves right.. and maybe work on the language just a little bit!

The lyrics of some of your songs are inspired by your travels across the world. Has anything about India inspired you to make a song about it?
Ryan: Yeah, so much so that we’re collaborating with an Indian musician in our next album. We’re still working on the logistics though.

Your lyrics are otherwise very eclectic. There are fun songs about girls and at the same time there are songs about war and drug abuse.
Brandon: You know, each one of us has a big part to play in the writing process. We write about what one of us or all of us are affected by.
Ryan: When I write the lyrics, I think, a part of my personality comes through in them. I don’t hold back my thoughts about certain issues.

Will the album coming this year also be eclectic?
Brandon: There are a lot of things in there.. but the overall sentiment is of love and happiness. There’s a song about our friend whose parents recently died. So the lyrics are close to our hearts.

Ryan, you were the first Canadian Idol and have released a solo album. Why did you go for a band?

Because the sound I get with four other artists is much better than what I make on my own. When I was touring all over the world as a solo artist, there was no one to share my experiences with. Now I’ve got my best friends who travel with me.. so our job is the best in the world right now.

Finally, what do you plan to take back from India?
Ryan: We came here looking for inspiration and we definitely got a lot of it! (Smiles) At the moment, we’re headed to the temple here so we’ll take back Ganesh idols.
Brandon: (Chuckles) Oh I want to take back some sheep because it’s really cold back home! On a serious note, the entire Indian experience has been amazing and I would just love to come back here and have it all over again. So we’re going to take some good news back home.. that the Indian people have been so kind, the food and hospitality and the place are just amazing!