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'I have been a good leader'

On the completion of 10 years, band Euphoria frontman Palash Sen gets into a rewind mode with Ritujaay Ghosh.
Hindustan Times | By Ritujaay Ghosh, Kolkata
UPDATED ON MAR 10, 2008 06:31 PM IST

Their songs brought in a freshness but more than that it created a new genre, Hindi rock. Since then, band Euphoria, has, over the years, crossed innumerable hurdles, while remaining in touch with their fans. HT City goes on a nostalgic trip with frontman and vocalist Palash Sen as the band celebrates 10 years of its existence.

Ten years is a long time and you must be feeling proud…
Long time? It has gone off in a blink. We still feel as if it was only yesterday that we released our first album Dhoom. But after four albums and 14 videos, we look at it as a matter of pride and humility, too.

And the band is still keeping busy…
We are busy and probably that’s why it sounds unbelievable to us. But it’s a great moment for us when we think that 10 years have actually gone which proves our talent, without which we wouldn’t have survived.

How have these years been?
Three days ago we were playing at New Jalpaiguri and had college students jumping to Dhoom pichak dhoom. The album was released when they were barely 10, which proves the timelessness of the songs. Euphoria has certainly inscribed its name in the history of Indian music.

Was it more so because there weren’t too many bands when you started?
India was never known for having a band back then. We were the first indigenous band that had showed the way to even Pakistani bands, which now do concerts in India and work in films.

Why didn’t Euphoria venture into films like newer bands?
Most of our 52 songs are hits. That wouldn’t have been possible had we not been dedicated. We always believe in doing one thing at a time. Now we think we can compose in films. That’s a gift that we thought of giving our fans. Euphoria will be seen composing in Manish Jha’s Mumbai Cutting.

Why not an album instead?
We are coming out with a compilation album in April. We have also done a music video of our song Bhula jab, featuring model Indrani Dasgupta. There will be four more music videos of our remixes with four new faces.

What do you think of your role as a frontman in holding the band together?
The frontman of the band always gets importance because he is the voice of the band. The other members understand this but I have never made them feel neglected. I have been a good leader and a good follower. We stuck together because we had the right attitude.

You claim to be a good leader. Comment.
Absolutely. I share the money equally and make sure that everyone feels equally important, after all we are friends. I may play the hero in the music videos but the others are definitely not sidekicks.

How do you look back on your first gig when you perform today?
Oh my God! We will never forget that. And how can we? Before the first song everyone was wondering what was going to happen and we too felt the same.

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