Mir's ghazals in Polish

Mir Taqi Mir's famous dewans and ghazals have appreciators and admirers all over the world.

music Updated: Oct 03, 2005 16:50 IST

Urdu ghazals of famous Indian poet Mir Taqi Mir have been translated into Polish jointly by a Polish intellectual and a Warsaw-based Indian writer.

A book of the translated ghazals - the first of its kind in Polish - by Janusz Krzyzowsky and Surender Bhutani, was released by the Indian Ambassador Anil Wadhwa in Warsawon Wednesday.

Mir Taqi Mir (1723-1810) has left behind six poetical collections called Dewans containing 13,585 couplets in all.

On the occasion, Krzyzowsky and Bhutani read out Mir's ghazals in both Urdu and Polish and also played Abida Parveen's ghazals to introduce the South-Asian musical form to the Polish people.

Krzyzowsky has already translated books on Myths and Legends of India, Magic of India, Music of India,Buddhist Roads and has put together an anthology of Buddhist poetry.

Poland has a strong tradition of Indology and a few days ago, the Indian Embassy in Warsaw hosted a unique conference on Indology for the entire central and eastern European region.

First Published: Sep 22, 2005 21:00 IST