Things will get worse before it gets better. It might be the music industry next: Sukhwinder Singh on drug probe

Singer Sukhwinder Singh admits Bollywood is a soft target and says that right now, Bollywood is in trouble but this is clean up.
Sukhwinder doesn’t believe in painting entire Bollywood with the same brush.
Sukhwinder doesn’t believe in painting entire Bollywood with the same brush.
Updated on Sep 26, 2020 07:42 PM IST
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Sukhwinder Singh hopes people see both sides of the story. He feels while Bollywood is in trouble but on the other hand, “clean up hoga”. He doesn’t believe in painting entire Bollywood with the same brush.

Talking about the current drug investigation in Bollywood, he says, “This seems like a flood now. I feel, people should speak up and not stay so silent, that you get used to the zulm. Earlier, log shauk rakh te the, to create a mood. Now, this wave is hurting aur takleef de rahi hai. This is hurting everyone - people who idolise actors and even actors who don’t do drugs are getting hurt in the process. I think things will get worse before it gets better. I think, after the #MeToo campaign, people began behaving properly with women. Similarly, I think, people who do drugs, even for a bit, will stop now due to the investigation. And why only actors? There might be others too. There might be some people in music industry too.”


The singer doesn’t feel that the government is targeting the film industry, “or else why would they wait for years and not do this earlier?” He hopes that other than ones consuming, the focus should be on the ones peddling drugs in society and that they are the bigger culprits.“Sadly, people on social media are enjoying this too much. These people are anonymous and attack celebrities without consequences. Bollywood is a soft target. We have so many inspiring personalities in films as well. But the language used by some news channels for actors is disturbing and hurtful,” he shares.

Singh has been busy practicing and recording music in the last few months not just to keep busy but also “not to lose touch”. He says, “A number of my songs were released during the lockdown and post that. Most musicians have been working at 20 percent capacity. Technology helped a lot to record music and songs. Sure, we all missed live concerts and live recording too. Musicians and workers who are needed for the same faced a lot of trouble as they couldn’t earn. They all needed help and I pitched in too. I gave them advance payment for shows instead of doing charity as they might not have liked it.” He adds he doesn’t believe in posting about charity on social media. He praises actor Sonu Sood for his efforts in helping migrants reach their native towns across India and the helping hand he has been lending to other people as well.



    Mumbai-based Kavita Awaasthi writes on Television, for the daily Entertainment and Lifestyle supplement, HT Cafe

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