Roman Reigns could be headlining Wrestlemania this year.(WWE)
Roman Reigns could be headlining Wrestlemania this year.(WWE)

WWE rumours: Early predictions suggest a once-in-a-lifetime main event at Wrestlemania 2020

WWE Wrestlemania rumours: There are certain rumours going on regarding a potential headliner for this year’s Wrestlemania.
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UPDATED ON JAN 15, 2020 10:23 PM IST

With WWE Royal Rumble set to take place one week from Sunday, we are officially on the road to Wrestlemania. The 36th edition of WWE’s biggest pay-per-view, Wrestlemania, will take place April 6 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Every WWE fan knows, that this is the period of the year, in which rumours and predictions start circulating regarding who will be be headlining the ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’. The Royal Rumble winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania’s main event, and already several names are seen as contenders of winning this year’s Royal Rumble. WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has entered his name as well, which has spiced up the playfield.

So, what will be this year’s main event at Wrestlemania? Well, if early odds are to be believed, then this year will see a once-in-a-lifetime match between cousins The Rock and Roman Reigns. A report in Forbes has cited the top five early predictions for Wrestlemania this year from Sky Bet (h/t Oddschecker), and a match between the two Samoan brothers is the favourite, at the moment.

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It has been rumoured for the longest of times that The Rock is interested in battling against Reigns, in case he ever decides to step back in the ring. The last time Rock had a wrestling match was in Wrestlemania 29 in 2013. Reportedly, it was a fight which the WWE were planning at Wrestlemania last year, but had to cancel due to Reigns’ unfortunate relapse of cancer. Even though The Rock said last year that he has “quietly retired” from WWE, the fans know how wrestling retirement go - anything can change in the blink of an eye, and as Vince McMahon often says - “it’s never say never”.

A brawl between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez is a close second favourite to be Wrestlemania’s main event this year, as per early predictions. Lesnar and his former UFC foe Velasquez competed inside the ring at WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia in November. But the fight was a short one due to an injury suffered by velasquez at the time.

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The former UFC Heavyweight Champion, who remains the only UFC athlete to beat Lesnar for the title, has signed a long-term contract with WWE and is looking to transition into a full-time WWE star. The storyline between the two is an easy to sell, and if it happens, Chairman Vince McMahon would certainly see a fight between two major crossover stars as the main event of the show.

Here is a look at other early predictions:

1) The Rock vs Roman Reigns:

2) Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

3) Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey

4) Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley

5) Roman Reigns vs ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

WWE fans would certainly be excited to see The Big Dog Roman Reigns facing off against the People’s Champion The Rock. No big superstar has taken the torch so far from John Cena and a clear superstar from the current crop of wrestlers is yet to emerge. But a fight against ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’ would certainly help Reigns in becoming the torch-bearer.

The fact that Reigns has been on the sidelines or at mid-card for too long has extended his popularity among the fans, and he is no longer seen as someone who is being pushed down the audience’s throat. A Wrestlemania main event against The Rock might give WWE what they badly want - a new face.

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