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‘Our vision for a better and a tolerant India’

By Anjali Shetty, Pune
PUBLISHED ON JAN 25, 2020 08:49 PM IST

Strap: On the occasion of India’s 70th Republic Day, schoolchildren share their vision for India. They talk about ways to ensure a culturally harmonious society which is inclusive and tolerant

On the eve of Republic Day, we spoke to the young minds of our country. They shared their vision for India, a place that they would like to call home. The students also threw light on ways to live harmoniously by respecting religions, communities and ideologies.

Use the country’s strengths to make it a better place

We live in such a beautiful country, which has the potential of doing so many great things. We have to work towards using its strengths to make it a better place. Considering the scenario today, people are not being able to voice their opinions or use their constitutional rights. We have to work towards creating a secure space, be it for people from different communities or women. We need more security in terms of numbers too, like more protection on streets. Having said all this, as citizens too, it is our responsibility to live in harmony and respect other religions and communities.

Rucha Gadgil, 14

No. 1 in terms of cleanliness, safety and economics

My vision of India is that we should be one of the greatest countries in the world. When I say great, I mean, it should be ranking high in terms of cleanliness, safety and economics. We should be an example of several religions peacefully living in one country. And, all of this is very much possible, if we just start respecting everyone around us irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

Abigail John, 11

Same rules, one goal and one faith

I believe, we can be one of the most powerful countries provided we get rid of religion and caste. These elements should be banned and life will be better. If we all are surrounded by same rules and one goal, we will be more productive and useful. We should follow one faith and not lose hope over religion and community. We are a beautiful country and have the potential to achieve much more.

Siddhant Madannavar, 14

Heart-wrenching to see violence across the country

The violence in our country really worries me. It is heart-wrenching to see so many violent stories across the country. I hope that moving forward we are able to control such incidents and get rid of this hatred and anger. Another aspect that we need to work on is to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged and needy. I admire our common adulation for sports and the players, especially cricket.

Piyush Kedari, 13

A place where we are tolerant, happy and selfless

My ideal country would be a place where we are tolerant, happy and selfless. Today, people have been extremely selfish. I admire that we have been able to live with such varied cultures. However, there are still some people who aren’t giving respect to others, especially women. It would be great if they change their attitudes towards others and give respect to everyone, in order to get the same respect in return.

Disha Deshmukh, 15

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