Pune’s young and old display origami skills at three -day Wonderfold 2017

Origami Mitra founded by Gita Kantawala and Indutai Tilak has been successfully conducting origami exhibitions from simple to complex Japanese art since 1991.

pune Updated: Oct 27, 2017 22:08 IST
Anjali Shetty
Anjali Shetty
Hindustan Times, Pune
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Dr Anil Awchat showing his origami work to children. (Sanket Wankhade/HT PHOTO)

On Thursday, Abhiram Joshi (9) woke up at 6.30 am to make two more Transformer (action figures) origami models for his exhibition at Tilak Smarak Mandir. Like Abhiram, many other origami enthusiasts of the Origami Mitra, Pune were present at the inauguration of the three-day exhibition ‘Wonderfold 2017’.

Muktangan founder and a renowned origami artist Anil Awachat, who inaugurated the exhibition, said, “Origami is an art that helps de-stress and keeps the brain active. It also helps improve concentration and is a good mind exercise. I continue to make origami art in my free time. It is easy to learn and everyone should explore this art form.”

Vaijayanti Gondhalekar (80) displaying her origami work at the exhibition. (Sanket Wankhade/HT PHOTO)

Hrushikesh Sabnis, member of Origami Mitra said, “The idea is to create awareness about the art and provide a platform for origami enthusiasts to showcase their creations. This year, about 30-plus origami enthusiasts who also are known as ‘folders’ are showcasing more than 300 stunning creations made from several types of origami like geometric, kusuduma (medicine ball), 3D, animals, birds, insects and human figures having signature pattern of each folder. The youngest folder is a nine-year-old and the oldest is 80!”

Speaking to HT, Vaijayanti Gondhalekar (80) said, “I started exploring origami five years ago and now I am completely hooked on to it. I make models which involve small folds and intricate designs as at this age I find it difficult to remember the complicated folds. As an art it keeps me occupied and energetic, plus I have all the time and patience to work on intricate models.”

A man takes a close look at the origami work on display at the origami exhibition at Tilak Smarak Mandir. (Sanket Wankhade/HT PHOTO)

Origami Mitra founded by Gita Kantawala and Indutai Tilak has been successfully conducting the origami exhibition from simple to complex Japanese art since 1991. And it was also Late Vishwas Deval who played a major role in keeping the Origami Mitra active.

Tilak Smarak Mandir on Tilak Road
When: October 26-29,10 am to 8 pm

First Published: Oct 27, 2017 16:46 IST