For adults only: What's your relationship type?
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For adults only: What's your relationship type?

Like all things adult, raising your relationship is intense business. You'd do yourself a world of good to figure out different kinds of relationships around. Here are 10 of them and tell us which one is yours.

sex and relationships Updated: Jul 04, 2014 15:41 IST
Meghna Chadha
Meghna Chadha
Hindustan Times
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Like all things adult, raising your relationship is intense business. If you are in it seriously, you won't have much attention to spare for anyone or anything else.That's one reason why conventional wisdom scoffs at the idea of love at first sight. But then, neither is being pragmatic a guarantee that both of you would be around each other while writing the 'and-we-lived-happily-ever after' script. Still, you'd do yourself a world of good to figure out different kinds of relationships around. Here are 10 of them and tell us which one do you fit into.

1 I am the boss, you're my...
One of you, in this kind, always plays the boss, and makes no bones about the fact that the partner is expected to play the second fiddle. Before you say that's what most Indian men want, hold your horses. Such relationships turn stereotypes on their head, and it is not about being a typical man. It is about personalities: sometimes the one dominating has no idea that they are dictating all the terms, and justify it by thinking they are doing it out of love. It's the same for the one being dominated: you think you are doing it out of love. Remember, such a relationship is a sure recipe for disaster once feelings of frustration or being exploited set in.

2 Everything's out in the open
More of a fad, but no less dangerous, partners in such a set-up decide to stay together as a couple, but are free to get involved with others. Essentially an arrangement to give your partner more freedom and space, such relationships often don't last long, and when it falls apart, it leaves both the partners with a lot of baggage.

3 No strings attached
You are in such a relationship only for your sexual needs, and there is no place for emotions here. Sounds exciting? Beware! Such a casual arrangement almost always leads to feeling possessive about the other person and the fact that you hooked up initially only for casual sex could lead to hearbreak and confusion later in life.

4 WWE set up
This is an abusive relation where one partner controls or has complete hold on the other partner either verbally or physically. The 'exploited' partner invariably goes through a tough time coping with all this only to keep the relationship alive. You should walk away the moment your partner abuses you either verbally or physically, and never sacrifice your happiness.

5 True love
Very hard to find, but not impossible either. Once you find that perfect partner, life is bliss. You understand each other perfectly well, and don't mind making small compromises to ensure that the relationship lasts for long.

6 Long-distance relationships
Here, you are madly in love with each other, but circumstances are such that both of you are not living in the same city, sometimes even the same country. It also means there is little physical intimacy and the two of you are in touch only through daily phone calls etc. One needs to be very understanding and compromising in long-distance relations and there is no room for insecurities or jealousies as it entirely survives on trust and nothing else.

7 Live-in relationships
This is an arrangement where two people stay together in an intimate relationship to satisfy each other's emotional and physical needs, but are not married to each other. It is usually a long-term relation and is somehow like marriage but can be called off any moment which tends to be a mess later on.

8 Recovery relationships
A temporary relationship to begin with, you tend to get into such a set up usually after a painful break-up because you need the emotional support. This is the time when you tend to blind yourself to a lot of things which would have otherwise put you off and don't mind making the compromises.

9 The award relation
In this relation you are dating your partner not because you are in love but because of the status you get or the materialistic benefits that come your way. This type of relation has gained importance these days because a lot of people are not interested in their partner but the bank balance of your partner.

10 Forgoing relation
This one, perhaps, is the most demanding of all the types. Here, one partner is ready to sacrifice because of unconditional love, knowing fully well that the other person is neither interested nor involved in the relationship.

First Published: Jul 04, 2014 15:31 IST