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Is my husband gay?

Another woman, wrong colours and an improved relationship...Reena got the feeling that either Puneet was seeing another women or had turned gay, writes Prema K.

sex-and-relationships Updated: Jun 05, 2009, 22:09 IST
As told to Prema K
As told to Prema K
Hindustan Times

Reena Gulati (name changed) has been married for 12 years with an eight-year-old son. She and her husband Puneet (name changed) wanted to have another child.

But the problem was with their sex life together, which had been deteriorating steadily over three years. It had touched rock bottom when she came to visit me.

She had consulted various astrologers and healers before consulting me. Perhaps it was the result of their sexual relationship dipping but the couple also indulged in heated arguments almost every day.

Another woman?
Reena got the feeling that either Puneet was seeing another women or had turned gay. I did a tarot reading for her. The cards indicated that their sex life together was affected because of a change of environment in their home.

The cards also revealed that the husband had become very spiritual. She agreed. Her husband had started going to church with a newfound friend.

During the tarot session, she told me that she had shifted to the house they were living in around three years ago. That’s when her problems had begun.

I dropped in at her house. It was beautiful. The first thing that struck me was her dining room was a superb blend of green, red and orange colours.. but her bedroom was painted in shades of lavender and purple.

Wrong colours
Even the satin bedsheets and furniture were in these shades. Otherwise, everything else about the house seemed to be okay. She thought a lavender was a very romantic colour.

According to colour therapy, the colours in the bedroom — lavender and purple – are associated with spirituality and divine powers.

I spoke to Puneet. He told me that he had become very spiritually inclined and even lost interest in his day-to-day activities. But he realised that he had to balance his newly developed spiritual desire and his family, but didn’t know how.

Improved relationship
I advised her to introduce the five elements of nature into the bedroom to balance the environment in her bedroom — introduce pink and red curtains, rose quartz crystals, light incense sticks and candles, place a bowl of rock salt, feng shui bamboo plants and money plants in the bedroom to ward off evil eye.

I also asked her to get rid of bedsheets with animal and distorted human figures because they give off negative energy and destroy sexual relationships which leads to weakening of a marriage.

She detected a change in Puneet’s attitude within a week. After three months, Puneet planned a vacation for the three of them. Soon, their relationship was back to normal.

Eight months later, she dropped in to tell me that she was pregnant. She is happily married with two children.

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