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Our point of view creates our reality: Dr Dain Heer

Hindustan Times, Delhi | ByMedha Shri Dahiya and Sonal Kalra
Aug 23, 2019 04:54 PM IST

By changing our outlook on life and things, we could change our life, says Dr Dain Heer, an author and co-creator of the self-help system Access Consciousness. He suggests using simple Access Tools, like asking questions, to create a life we desire.

We carry our worlds within, we have heard that aphorism often. Dr Dain Heer lives this epigram everyday. Heer is the co-creator of Access Consciousness, a self-help system that claims to help people achieve lives they dream of using simple Access Tools such as asking questions. When he came down to India, he discussed the Tools and how we can set ourselves free of limiting beliefs which are holding us from living a life we desire. Excerpts:

Dr. Dain Heer is an author and co-creator of Access Consciousness(Sarang Gupta/HT)
Dr. Dain Heer is an author and co-creator of Access Consciousness(Sarang Gupta/HT)

So you were a successful chiropractor. How did it all start for you?

I was a moderately successful chiropractor. I always knew there was more but I couldn’t seem to create it. I stumbled upon it while dealing with a patient. So, I had an Access Bars session done. [In that session] We worked on money, because that was one of the big things I wanted to change, that was one of the reasons for unhappiness and it changed that day right after that session. But I also had some amazing experiences using these simple Tools and having them change things miraculously... To go from a space of absolutely ‘no hope’ kinda life to ‘oh my god the world is so beautiful’.

I mean, till 19 years ago, you have no idea how pathetic the person was that you would have interviewed; 19 years ago, I really, really wanted to be happy but I had no sense of possibilities which is why I would ever be grateful to be introduces to these Tools.

What happens if we have a session about money? Does that make a person less conscious about the need for money or does it bring money into his or her life? How does it change?

It changes your fixed point of view that keeps money from coming to you. See, the difference between somebody who has money and somebody who doesn’t, is the point of view that keeps the money or keeps the money away. Our point of view creates our reality, our reality doesn’t create our point of view. It’s like if you see two people who experience the exact same situation and they respond to it differently, you see how they create a different outcome as a result. Our point of view creates our reality. If you decide something is, that’s what it is, that’s the power we have . Access Consciousness is all about asking questions that open up possibilities.

So, when it comes to money, it is a big thing in different countries and cultures. When you receive everything with no judgement then money can be received, too. One of the things that a lot of people have a trouble receiving is judgement, so they keep it out and they put a wall around themselves so they don’t get judged or feel the judgement. But the thing is, when you build walls, they don’t let in money, let in love, let in kindness, let in joy, walls just block everything. The only real way of changing this dynamically is to push down all the walls using all kinds of Tools that allow you to do that in Access Consciousness.

People think that receiving judgement means you align and agree with it. No, what you do is, you let the energy go through and take whatever part you think might be true for you and you don’t have to do anything with the rest. If you don’t resist it, it’s just an energy that will contribute to you.

This is interesting because you’re not taking the route of telling people to not judge but you’re telling the recipient to receive it in a manner that it should be received without it affecting them.

And I’m only saying people shouldn’t judge if they want to be happy, that’s all. If you wanna be happy stop judging. not everyone is like us but that doesn’t mean you go around judging everyone for being different; what it means is that you recognise when somebody functions from judgement and the rightness of their judgement and you don’t buy it, you let it go through. So you’re not making them wrong, you’re not making you wrong, but you’re also not caving in.

My suggestion is do ‘who does this belong to’ for three days for everything — thought, feeling , emotion — you have. If you ask ‘who does it belong to’ in the middle of anger, fear, or something else, and realise that it’s not yours and return it to the sender, you’ll notice the difference. We have a free app which explains it a lot more actually...

At some point, you say that ask ‘what if the purpose of life was to just have fun’. Now, having fun could also be taken in a trivial sense. People might think ‘there are bigger problems and why is this person talking about having fun, when mere sustenance is an issue’. So, how do you correlate this advice.. Doesn’t it sound selfish to talk about fun when there are people dying in this world?

Umm if we have more fun, then people would stop dying... No (laughs).

The thing that this planet is missing more than anything else is joy. In contrast with what we have been taught, our joy does not create us as selfish and separatist, it actually creates us as more contributory to one another... Like when somebody has joy it’s an energetic space that has this softness, gentleness, and kindness and contribution to it. You know what this really about is recognition that unless we start choosing joy, we are not going to be kind to ourselves. One of the big Tools of Access is ‘what’s true makes you lighter and makes you happier’ and so what’s true for you brings lightness in your world.

So how many Tools have you?

How high can you count? We have probably at least 8000 Tools at this point, but I would say the beginning set of Tools are probably 30-50, that’s what I use all the time.

You have authored about 10 books. Which is your favourite book?

That’s a tough question. It’s a tie between Return of the Gentleman and Being You, Changing the World. Because Return of the Gentleman’ is a necessary conversation, it gives men and women the tools to create a different possibility in relationships and relating to each other and ‘Being You Changing the World’ is like this synopsis of so many Access Tools and possibilities, that it’s like 10 classes in the book.

And what’s The Baby Dragon Manifesto and Baby Unicorn Manifesto about?

Oh I love those two! Baby Unicorn Manifesto was created when a friend was pregnant. She said she didn’t feel much connection with the baby. So, I did an ESP session on her, after that it was so beautiful to see their
(the baby and hers) connection... So, finally I got word that the baby was born and I was inspired. I wrote this text which is basically what I said to this baby unicorn coming into the world, this sweet little magical creature coming into the world, this gift that I wanted every child and adult to hear...

Baby Dragon Manifesto is similar. Parents of some kids are like ‘This little one breathes fire and I don’t know what to do with it and I am kinda terrified..’ You know those kids, and kind of the recognition of them being a gift, too. The awareness of ‘look you’re here to burn down the old and bring in the new’. It’s to teach children about the power of choice and the magnificence of embracing their uniqueness.

What’s your biggest take away from the 19 year of conscious life?

Everything is possible and everything is changeable, and judgement sucks.

How does one reach out to you or be a part of Access Consciousness unless you’re visiting their country

Well, probably my site drdainheer.com is the easiest one to navigate, we have the accessconsciousness.com website also.

Are there any other practitioners in various countries? Like an India chapter?

Yes, we have almost 10,000 facilitators in 176 countries around the world at this point, and you can go to accessconciousness.com and search on your country you can also go to bars.

And I have got a YouTube channel with 300+ videos at this point that are free, and that are my gift to this body of work that is a gift to me, so I just wanted to pay it forward and put the Tools in other people’s hands and make it not about the money. I want everybody to have access to these Tools and then they can choose to use them, because knowing that they exist isn’t enough.

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