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The highs and lows of relationships

It is differences that attract opposite sexes, but the same turn stale in their long-term bondings, finds Jagruti Jamnadas.

sex-and-relationships Updated: Aug 22, 2013, 13:08 IST
Jagruti Jamnadas
Jagruti Jamnadas
Hindustan Times

We met, we bond, we became friends and get into a relationship and then get lost. Does this sound familiar? The inspiring fact of life is that we keep meeting new people all the time. Flipping through your phone book will prove that every season new names are added.

However, after a while we stop dialing those numbers.

Story of him and her
It's the difficult-to -solve equation between the opposite sexes. When he meets her for the first time, he goes all out to use his deadly charm. She too grabs his eyes.

Things start with a simple 'hello' and move on to long hours of telephone conversations.. full of amiable humour.

They talk every day, not worried about high phone bills. They SMS each other like addicts, as if talks are not just enough.

They even start meeting up regularly. Slowly, it becomes a habit. Neither can imagine a day going by without the daily dose of phone calls. But hang on, after the sunshine comes the darkness..

As soon as the new become old, the charm starts to wear off and the talks start dragging. Chirpy, interesting talks are marred by uncomfortable pauses.

Cat is out of the bag
He and she start searching for a subject to speak on. Plans are made that doesn't necessarily include each other. The indifference is thick. They start noticing flaws and make excuses to avoid each other.

The talks get colder by the day. Finally, they accept, "I am bored of you!" What went wrong? Soon, they stop connecting the way they used to. They lose touch. Is there an explanation for this change? Let's see..

Men and women get attracted very easily to each other. First, it's the difference that attracts them. Then, this very difference tears them apart.

It's similar to a child's curiosity when he gets a new toy. He explores it in all possible ways and loses interest after a while. The truth is that it's easy to get into a relationship but sustaining it is really hard.

Steps to take
Efforts to maintain a relationship should be two-way. Both need to reach out.

Don't stop those phone calls, SMSes.

Find excuses to meet up.

Converse to recreate interest in your relationship.

Reach out to him/her no matter how far he/she travels. Find your partner each time he/she gets lost. Each time you meet, treat it as the first.

What turn your relationship takes depends entirely on you. So listen, read between the lines and speak your heart out before you lose out on what united you in the first place.

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