Trouble ahead: 8 girls you should never date
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Trouble ahead: 8 girls you should never date

The course of true love, they say, is never smooth. But to keep you as safe as possible, we've cracked the eight types of women you should never think about dating. Read on.

sex and relationships Updated: Jul 03, 2014 19:45 IST
Meghna Chadha
Meghna Chadha
Hindustan Times

The course of true love, they say, is never smooth. You're never sure of a happy ending , but neither is there a pragmatic strategy ever. You find most girls are... pretty, sensible, smart, witty and altogether amazing creatures. And then there are times you find them extremely complicated, exasperating... even disastrous. We've cracked the eight types of women you should never think about dating.

1 Mister, let's just be friends
They want to be with you but are commitment-phobes. Such girls look like the perfect fits for you, but no matter how hard you coax them, they will never acknowledge your relationship in front of your family or friends. Though she tells you that she is very serious about you but yet avoids talking about “relation” and “marriage”. A fling with her is worth your time, but if you start dreaming about a long-term relationship, you are only exposing yourself to heartache very soon.

2 The overtly attached ones
Such girls will suck the life out of you: they won't let you breathe or think. They will call you every 15 minutes, and if you don't pick up your phone, they'll spam your message inbox. Soon, they will be on your Facebook and send friend requests to all those on your list. No, you cannot shout at them for this unless you are ready for a emotional showdown with her. In short, you will soon be rewriting everything you knew about space and freedom.

3 His money is my money
This young lady will only date filthy rich guys who are ready to spend loads of money on her for anything and everything. That she also needs to love the guy is only secondary to her.

4 The fake beauty
She is the beautiful girl who fakes everything: from her branded clothes to accessories to her accent. It is easy to spot her in the crowd: she has to be the most decked-up girl there. Dare you ask her to tone down and you are inviting trouble. All that she also wants is for you also to acknowledge that she is better than all the other girls in the crowd. Yes, you got it right: all the attention she gets from anybody is never enough.

5 The cute baby
Such girls refuse to grow...because it suits their agenda. They want to be pampered all the time. And when you get tired of playing daddy to her, of course it leads to a showdown.

6 The gossip queen
She is a never-ending chatter box: she will gossip with you about everything and you can do nothing but be a patient listener. Basically, she doesn’t need a boyfriend but a girl with whom she could discuss or gossip about everything she wants to.

7 Miss right
She thinks she knows about everything and is not modest about it. She is the only encyclopedia you have and tends to argue with you very easily because she assumes herself to be correct every time as a result you have to compromise a lot. Though she may seem to be the perfect girl but she lacks the sense of understanding the other partner due to her nature.

8 The angry young girl
She was happy and absolutely normal minutes ago and now she is shouting at you at the top of her voice for no apparent fault of yours. You will have to think before saying to her 100 times or maybe even more. Her behavior is absolutely unpredictable. She will take out all her frustration on you and you won’t be allowed to shout as she will be angry once again and then again you’ll not be able to escape the drama. So it’s better that you save yourself from landing up in an earthquake.

First Published: Jul 03, 2014 16:53 IST