Amazon offers: Enjoy savings up to 55% off on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air fryers, and more; top 10 deals - Hindustan Times

Amazon offers: Enjoy savings up to 55% off on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air fryers, and more; top 10 deals

Jul 07, 2024 10:00 AM IST

Save big with Amazon offers on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air fryers, and more. Explore top-rated products and unbeatable discounts for your home needs!

Looking to upgrade your home with the latest in kitchen and household technology? Amazon's current offers include incredible discounts of up to 55% on essential appliances like water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air fryers. Whether you're enhancing your kitchen efficiency or improving indoor air quality, now is the ideal time to seize these fantastic deals.

Check out Amazon offers on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air fryers for unbeatable savings!(Pexels)
Check out Amazon offers on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and air fryers for unbeatable savings!(Pexels)

These appliances aren't just functional—they're designed to simplify your daily routines and enhance your home's comfort. From advanced filtration systems to powerful cleaning tools and healthier cooking options, there's something for every household need and budget. To make your shopping experience even smoother, we've curated a list of 10 standout deals. This selection saves you time and effort, ensuring you can quickly find the perfect match for your home. With savings this significant, you can invest in quality without overspending.

Don't miss out on transforming your living space with top-rated appliances that combine innovation and affordability. Take advantage of Amazon's exclusive offers today and upgrade your home with ease and efficiency.

Unlock clean and safe drinking water with the HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral RO+UV+MP Water Purifier, now offered at an impressive 36% discount. This sleek black purifier features advanced FiltraPower technology and a 6-stage purification system including RO, UV, and Mineral Protection, ensuring your water is free from harmful contaminants and enriched with essential minerals. With a capacity of 7 litres and the ability to save up to 60% water compared to traditional purifiers, it's ideal for both homes and offices. The wall-mount design saves space and enhances convenience, while its efficient purification process guarantees peace of mind. Benefit from reliable purification and significant savings with this innovative addition to your home.

Specifications of HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral Wall Mount Water Purifier:

Model: HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral RO+UV+MP

Purification Technology: RO + UV + MP (Mineral Protection)

Purification Stages: 6 stages

Capacity: 7 litres

Special Features: FiltraPower technology, Wall mount

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
6-stage purification for safe drinking waterMay require occasional filter replacement
RO and UV technologies ensure effective purificationInitial installation may need professional help

Transform your drinking water experience with the Aquaguard Aura 2X Life Water Purifier, now available at an enticing 46% discount. This advanced purifier boasts a 10-stage purification process, including RO, UV, and Active Copper technologies, ensuring safe and healthy drinking water. It features a unique Taste Adjuster to enhance the taste of purified water and saves up to 50% water compared to conventional purifiers. With no service required for two years and a comprehensive warranty covering filters, it offers peace of mind and convenience. Ideal for households looking to upgrade their water purification system with cutting-edge technology that preserves essential minerals and eliminates harmful contaminants.

Specifications of Aquaguard Aura 2X Life Water Purifier:

Model: Aquaguard Aura 2X Life

Purification Technology: RO + UV + Active Copper

Purification Stages: 10 stages

Special Features: Taste Adjuster, Saves 50% Water

Warranty: 2 years (including filters)

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
10-stage purification ensures safe drinking waterInitial installation may require professional assistance
Active Copper technology for added health benefitsRO purification may lead to some water wastage

Enjoy pure and healthy drinking water with the Aquaguard Delight NXT Lite RO+MC Water Purifier, now available at an impressive 46% discount. As India's leading water purifier, it ensures superior purification with its RO and Mineral Cartridge technology, suitable for borewell, tanker, and municipal water sources. This water purifier boasts a 30x impurity removal capacity compared to local purifiers, ensuring thorough purification with every sip. The free service plan worth 2000 adds further value, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Ideal for homes facing varied water sources, it combines reliability and efficiency to deliver safe drinking water enriched with essential minerals.

Specifications of Aquaguard Delight NXT Lite RO+MC Water Purifier:

Model: Aquaguard Delight NXT Lite RO+MC

Purification Technology: RO + MC (Mineral Cartridge)

Impurity Removal Capacity: 30x vs Local Purifiers

Suitability: Borewell, Tanker, Municipal Water

Special Features: Free Service Plan worth 2000

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
RO and Mineral Cartridge ensure pure waterMay require periodic filter replacement
Suitable for multiple water sourcesInitial installation may need professional help

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Looking to upgrade your water purifier for the highest quality hydration? Discover the V-Guard RequPro True High Recovery Water Purifier, now at a compelling 46% discount. This advanced purifier features a robust 9-stage purification process including RO, UV, and UF technologies, ensuring 100% purified water. It boasts a unique high recovery rate of 60%, minimising water wastage while delivering optimal hydration. The addition of an Alkaline filter enhances water quality by adding essential minerals, promoting overall health benefits. With a sleek design and a durable stainless steel storage tank, it complements any modern kitchen while ensuring long-term reliability. Ideal for households seeking superior water purification and sustainability, this purifier guarantees safe and delicious drinking water with every drop.

Specifications of V-Guard RequPro True High Recovery RO UV UF Alkaline Water Purifier

Model: V-Guard RequPro

Purification Technology: RO, UV, UF, Alkaline

Purification Stages: 9 stages

Water Recovery Rate: 60%

Storage Tank: Stainless Steel

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
9-stage purification for thorough water cleaningInitial installation may require professional help
High recovery rate saves waterAlkaline filter may need periodic replacement

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Looking to keep your home spotless effortlessly? Discover the Eureka Forbes Ultimo Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, now available at an enticing 36% discount. This powerhouse boasts a robust 1400 Watts motor with 20 KPa high-power suction, ensuring thorough cleaning on any surface. Its versatile design includes a blower function for added convenience and a spacious 20-litre stainless steel tank that handles both wet and dry debris with ease. Lightweight and equipped with 7 accessories, it tackles every cleaning task efficiently. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability. Ideal for homes seeking powerful performance and durability in a vacuum cleaner.

Specifications of Eureka Forbes Ultimo Wet and Dry 1400 Watt Vacuum Cleaner:

Brand: Eureka Forbes

Type: Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Motor Power: 1400 Watts

Suction Power: 20 KPa

Tank Capacity: 20 Litres

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Accessories: 7 accessories included

Warranty: 1 Year

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Powerful 1400 Watts motor for effective cleaningHigher noise level compared to smaller vacuums
Dual wet and dry cleaning capabilitiesLarger size may require more storage space

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Looking to revolutionise your cleaning routine effortlessly? Dive into the future with the ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, now at an impressive 48% discount. This advanced robot vacuum combines cutting-edge technology with convenience, featuring self-emptying capability that lasts up to 60 days. Equipped with Lidar navigation for precise mapping, it efficiently navigates hard floors and low-pile carpets, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal intervention. The vacuum and mop combo function enhances its versatility, while customised schedule cleaning allows you to set it and forget it. Perfect for busy households, it promises a smarter, more efficient way to maintain cleanliness.

Specifications of ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

Model: ILIFE T10s

Function: Robotic Vacuum and Mop Combo

Navigation: Lidar Navigation

Cleaning Modes: Customised Schedule Cleaning

Self-Emptying: Up to 60 days

Ideal For: Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpet

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Self-emptying feature reduces maintenanceInitial setup may require learning curve
Lidar navigation ensures precise cleaningHigher initial cost compared to basic robot vacuums

Transform your cleaning experience with the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner in stylish grey, now available at an incredible 32% discount. This advanced vacuum offers the ultimate convenience with cord-free operation and powerful suction that rivals traditional corded vacuums. With a 0.54-liter capacity and a cartridge design, it's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for quick cleanups and thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The V8 motor delivers fade-free power for up to 40 minutes, perfect for tackling dirt on both carpets and hard floors. Its HEPA filtration system captures allergens and expels cleaner air. The Dyson V8 Absolute is designed for versatility with interchangeable tools for various cleaning tasks, ensuring every corner and crevice is immaculate.

Specifications of Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner:

Model: Dyson V8 Absolute

Type: Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Colour: Grey

Capacity: 0.54 Litre

Filtration: HEPA filtration

Run Time: Up to 40 minutes

Accessories: Interchangeable cleaning tools

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Cord-free operation for hassle-free cleaningHigher price point
Powerful suction suitable for carpets and hard floorsLimited run time compared to some corded vacuums

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Revolutionise your cooking with the AGARO Regency Air Fryer, now offered at a generous 55% discount. Make your cooking routine easier with this versatile appliance that combines air frying, baking, roasting, toasting, and defrosting capabilities in one sleek silver unit. With a robust 1800 watts power, it ensures quick and efficient cooking. The air fryer features a digital display and 9 preset menus for easy operation, making it ideal for preparing a variety of dishes with just a touch. Its spacious interior accommodates large meals, perfect for family gatherings or parties. The AGARO Regency Air Fryer is designed for convenience and versatility, catering to both health-conscious cooking and culinary experimentation.

Specifications of AGARO Regency Air Fryer:

Brand: AGARO

Model: Regency Air Fryer

Capacity: 12 litres

Power: 1800W

Functions: Air fry, bake, roast, toast, defrost

Control: Digital display with 9 preset menus

Colour: Silver

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Versatile cooking functions for various dishesLarge size may require ample counter space
High power ensures fast cookingHigher initial cost compared to smaller models

Explore healthier cooking options with the Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer in vibrant green, now available at an impressive 52% discount. This air fryer utilises 360 degree high-speed air circulation technology and operates at 1200W, ensuring rapid and even cooking without the need for excessive oil. The non-stick 4.2-litre basket accommodates large portions, making it ideal for families or gatherings. Its digital controls offer precise temperature and time settings for various recipes, from crispy fries to tender meats. The sleek design and compact size fit seamlessly into any kitchen space, while the non-stick coating facilitates easy cleaning. Whether you're aiming for healthier meals or simply crave crispy snacks, this air fryer delivers convenience and efficiency with every use.

Specifications of Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer:

Brand: Pigeon

Model: Healthifry Digital Air Fryer

Capacity: 4.2 litres

Power: 1200W

Technology: 360 degree high-speed air circulation

Basket: Non-stick coating

Colour: Green

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Healthier cooking with less oilMay not have as many features as premium models
Rapid and even cooking with high-speed air circulation 

Upgrade your kitchen with the Philips Digital Air Fryer, now available at an incredible 33% discount. This sleek black air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to cook your favourite foods with up to 90% less fat, making healthier meals easier than ever. The 1400W power ensures quick and efficient cooking, while the 4.1-liter capacity is perfect for family-sized portions. The intuitive touch panel and 7 pre-set menus allow for effortless cooking of a variety of dishes. Whether you're frying, baking, grilling, or roasting, the PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer delivers delicious results with minimal oil, providing a guilt-free indulgence. The compact design and user-friendly features make it a must-have addition to any modern kitchen.

Specifications of Philips Digital Air Fryer:

Brand: Philips

Model: HD9252/90

Power: 1400W

Capacity: 4.1 litres

Technology: Rapid Air Technology

Colour: Black

Control: Touch panel with 7 pre-set menus

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Uses up to 90% less fat for healthier cookingHigher initial cost compared to some models
Rapid Air Technology for quick, even cookingLimited to 7 pre-set menus

Top 3 features of home appliances with Amazon offers:

Home Appliances with Amazon Offers

Product TypeMaterialSpecial Features
HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral Wall Mount Water PurifierWater PurifierPlasticRO+UV+MP, 6 Stage, Wall mount, FiltraPower technology
Aquaguard Aura 2X Life Water PurifierWater PurifierPlasticRO+UV+Active Copper, 10-Stage, Saves 50% Water, 2-Year Warranty
Aquaguard Delight NXT Lite RO+MC Water PurifierWater PurifierPlasticFree Service Plan, Suitable for Borewell, Tanker & Municipal Water
V-Guard RequPro True High Recovery RO UV UF Alkaline Water PurifierWater PurifierStainless Steel9-Stage Purification, 60% Water Recovery, 100% RO Purified Water
Eureka Forbes Ultimo Wet and Dry 1400 Watt Vacuum CleanerVacuum CleanerStainless Steel20 KPa High Power Suction, Blower Function, 20L Tank Capacity
ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum CleanerVacuum CleanerPlasticSelf-Emptying, Lidar Navigation, Customized Schedule Cleaning
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum CleanerVacuum CleanerPlasticCord-Free, 0.54 Liter, High Suction Power, Lightweight
AGARO Regency Air FryerAir FryerStainless Steel12L Capacity, 1800W, 9 Preset Menu, Digital Display
Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air FryerAir FryerPlastic360 Degree High Speed Air Circulation, 4.2L Basket, Non-Stick
Philips Digital Air FryerAir FryerPlasticRapid Air Technology, 7 Pre-set Menu, 4.1L Capacity, Touch Panel

Best value for money home appliance with Amazon offer:

The PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 stands out as the best value for money home appliance with Amazon offers. Now available at a 52% discount, this air fryer combines efficiency and health benefits by using Rapid Air Technology to cook with up to 90% less fat. Its 4.1-liter capacity is perfect for family meals, and the 1400W power ensures quick, even cooking. The intuitive touch panel with 7 pre-set menus makes it user-friendly, offering versatility for various dishes. Its affordable price, large capacity, and health-focused features make it a top choice for any kitchen.

Best overall home appliance with Amazon offer:

The HUL Pureit Vital Plus Mineral Wall Mount Water Purifier is the best overall home appliance with Amazon offers. Now available at an impressive discount, this water purifier ensures the highest quality drinking water with its RO+UV+MP 6-stage purification system. The FiltraPower technology guarantees thorough purification, making it suitable for all water types. Its wall-mount design saves space while providing easy access. Constructed from durable plastic, it’s designed for longevity and reliability. For households prioritising clean, safe drinking water, the HUL Pureit Vital Plus offers exceptional value, performance, and convenience.

Factors to consider while purchasing the best home appliances with Amazon offers:

  • Price and discounts: Look for significant discounts and deals on Amazon. Often, you can find appliances at up to 50% off, making it an excellent time to purchase.
  • Brand reputation: Choose appliances from well-known and trusted brands. Reputable brands are more likely to provide durable products with reliable performance.
  • Customer reviews and ratings: Check customer reviews and ratings. They offer insights into the product's performance, reliability, and any potential issues.
  • Features and specifications: Identify the essential features you need. For example, in water purifiers, look for multi-stage purification and in air fryers, consider capacity and pre-set menus.
  • Energy efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient appliances. They save on electricity bills and are more environmentally friendly.
  • Warranty and after-sales service: Ensure the appliance comes with a warranty and good after-sales service. This provides peace of mind and support if issues arise.
  • Compatibility and space: Consider the size and design of the appliance to ensure it fits well in your home. Check if it complements your existing decor and space.
  • Ease of use: Look for user-friendly features like digital displays, touch panels, and preset programs, making the appliance easier to operate.
  • Maintenance: Consider how easy it is to maintain the appliance. Appliances with easily removable parts and self-cleaning functions can save time and effort.
  • Versatility: Choose appliances that offer multiple functions. For example, some vacuum cleaners also mop, and some air fryers can bake and roast, adding more value.

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FAQs on water purifiers, vacuum cleaners and air fryers with Amazon offers:

1. What are the benefits of purchasing a water purifier with Amazon offers?

Enjoy up to 50% off, multi-stage purification, RO+UV technology, and long-term warranties.

2. How do I choose the right vacuum cleaner with Amazon deals?

Consider the type, suction power, battery life, and features like HEPA filters. Check customer reviews.

3. What should I look for in an air fryer when buying during Amazon sales?

Look for capacity, wattage, preset programs, and ease of use. Rapid air technology and digital panels add convenience.

4. Are the products bought during Amazon offers covered by warranty?

Yes, they are covered by standard warranties. Keep the purchase receipt for claims.

5. How can I ensure I get the best deal on home appliances during Amazon sales?

Set up price alerts, compare brands, read reviews, and check for extra discounts. Prime members get early access to deals.

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