Best fridge brand in November 2023: Opt for ones that are trustworthy, reliable

ByNivedita Mishra
Nov 20, 2023 11:33 PM IST

Find the best fridge brands that are trustworthy, reliable, and cater to your cooling needs. Explore our top picks to keep your kitchen well-equipped.

In days of yore, our grandmothers would engage in a daily culinary ritual, where fresh meals were prepared three times a day. Fruits, vegetables, and meats were sourced and consumed on the very same day, in a time when life moved at a more leisurely pace.

Best fridge brands in India: Going with a good brand will ensure you get great cooling and storage.
Best fridge brands in India: Going with a good brand will ensure you get great cooling and storage.

However, the modern world has ushered in a different era, one characterised by fast-paced lives and long work hours. In today's bustling lifestyle, many of us have embraced the concept of batch cooking, preparing meals in advance and storing them in the refrigerator for later consumption.

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As the demands of work and daily life leave us with limited time for culinary endeavours, the refrigerator has emerged as our trusted ally. It allows us to plan our meals for the week, saving precious time and ensuring that our dietary needs are consistently met. Even those who manage to find moments of respite from their busy schedules often plan their meals at least twice a week. In such scenarios, the refrigerator takes centre stage, serving as the custodian of our weekly sustenance.

Moreover, in a country like India, where the summer months stretch, the need for a refreshing glass of chilled water or a cool beverage is a daily necessity. Here again, the refrigerator steps in as a vital appliance, providing us with the simple pleasure of cold refreshment on a scorching day. Our dependence on this essential kitchen companion is undeniable, and it makes perfect sense to choose refrigerators from reputable brands known for their durability and reliability.

With this in mind, we've curated a list of refrigerators from some of the most trusted and established brands in India, including Panasonic, Voltas, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, and more. These top-quality appliances are readily available on Amazon, offering you a wide selection to explore. As the festive season is in full swing, with celebrations like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas on the horizon, you can also take advantage of substantial discounts on these refrigerators. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in a reliable and best fridge that you can trust for years to come. Make the smart choice for your home and your family's well-being.

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1. Whirlpool 308 L 3 Star IntelliFresh Inverter Frost Free Double Door

The Whirlpool 308 L 3 star Intellifresh inverter frost free double door refrigerator is your ideal food preservation companion. With a spacious 308-litre capacity, it caters to families of all sizes. The 3-star energy rating ensures efficient cooling while keeping your electricity bills in check. What sets it apart is the IntelliFresh Inverter technology, adapting to your usage patterns for consistent cooling and reduced energy consumption. Your food stays fresh and delightful for an extended period. Its Arctic Steel finish adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, complementing your decor. Choose the best fridge for a perfect blend of style and functionality that keeps your meals fresher for longer.


Capacity: 308 liters

Energy Rating: 3 Star

Cooling Technology: IntelliFresh Inverter Technology

Defrosting Type: Frost-Free Operation

Door Design: Double Door


Energy-efficient operation

Bulky for smaller kitchens

IntelliFresh Inverter technology

Higher initial purchase cost compared to non-inverter models


2. Panasonic 592 L Wifi Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The Panasonic 592 L Wifi inverter frost-free side-by-side refrigerator (NR-BS62GKX1) stands out as the best fridge for those desiring a smart and innovative addition to their kitchen. This modern appliance is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring convenient remote control and monitoring. Boasting an impressive 592-litre capacity, it addresses all your storage needs, making it perfect for families of any size.

With energy-efficient Inverter technology and frost-free operation, it excels at keeping your food fresh while minimising maintenance efforts. When you're in search of the best fridge that combines advanced features and ample storage space, the Panasonic NR-BS62GKX1 is the answer.


Brand: Panasonic

Capacity: 592 litres

Configuration: Side-by-Side

Colour: Black Steel


Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control

Higher initial cost

Spacious capacity and premium design

Large size may not fit well in smaller kitchens


3. Haier 628L Frost Free Inverter Triple Door Side by Side Refrigerator

If you find yourself in a bustling joint family of around 15 members, you're probably no stranger to the sight of multiple fridges catering to everyone's unique needs. It's time to simplify your life with the Haier 628L Frost Free Inverter Triple Door Side by Side Refrigerator (HRT-683KG, Black Glass, Convertible).

This colossal 628-litre fridge is the all-in-one solution to your kitchen and food storage demands. Featuring versatile convertible compartments, efficient inverter technology, and a space-optimising triple door design, it ensures your food stays fresh longer. Moreover, the stylish black glass finish adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor.


Brand: Haier

Capacity: 628 litres

Configuration: Side-by-Side

Energy Star: 5 Star


Immense storage capacity

Large size may not fit well in smaller kitchens

Energy-efficient operation

Black glass finish may require frequent cleaning


4. Haier 630 L Frost Free, Expert Inverter Technology Double Door Side By Side Refrigerators

If you're seeking the best fridge to provide the ideal solution for your extensive refrigeration needs, the Haier 630 L frost-free double door side by side refrigerator (HRS-682KYG-P) is your answer. This 2023 model is designed to cater to all your requirements with its vast 630-litre capacity. With innovative Expert Inverter Technology, it guarantees efficient and consistent cooling, while the double-door design optimises organisation.

What sets it apart is the convertible feature, offering flexibility for varying storage needs. The fridge's striking Black Yellow Glass finish adds a vibrant touch to your kitchen decor. Whether you have a large or small household, this fridge is the perfect choice to meet your cooling needs.


Brand: Haier

Capacity: 630 litres

Configuration: Side-by-Side

Energy Star: 5-star rating


Immense storage capacity with flexibility

Large size may not fit well in smaller kitchens

Energy-efficient operation

Vibrant glass finish may require frequent cleaning


5. Samsung 700 L With Inverter Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The Samsung 700 L Side-By-Side Refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the best fridge options for those seeking enormous storage capacity. With an astounding 700 litres of space, it caters perfectly to large families or even those who love hosting lavish parties without worrying about storage constraints. Featuring advanced inverter technology, it guarantees efficient and reliable cooling while maintaining energy efficiency. Its thoughtfully designed side-by-side layout ensures ease of use and no space wastage, making it highly practical. Moreover, its chic black exterior adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor, making it a stylish and efficient addition to your home.


Product Dimensions: 70.3D x 58.5W x 147.5H Centimeters

Brand: LG

Capacity: 240 litres

Configuration: Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top

Energy Star Rating: 3 Star

Immense storage capacity for large familiesRequires a larger kitchen space due to its size
Inverter technology for energy-efficient coolingBlack finish may show fingerprints and smudges more easily

6. LG 242 L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Introducing the best fridge for small families and bachelors: the LG 242 L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator. With a capacity of 242 litres and a 3-star energy efficiency rating, this refrigerator is perfect for those who want efficient cooling while saving on electricity. The smart inverter compressor ensures both energy efficiency and durability. This refrigerator comes with a range of features, including door cooling, humidity control, and an anti-bacterial gasket to keep your food fresh for longer. Plus, it's equipped with smart features like Smart Diagnosis and Smart Connect, making it a top choice for modern homes.


Brand: LG

Capacity: 242 litres

Configuration: Full-Sized Freezer-on-Top

Energy Star: 3 Star


Adjustable and removable shelves

May not be sufficient for larger households or those needing extensive storage

Smart Diagnosis, Smart Connect, and works without a stabiliser


7. Godrej 180 L 2 Star Advanced Capillary Technology, With Jumbo Vegetable Tray Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Looking for the best fridge that's economical and stylish for your small family? The Godrej 180 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator might just be the perfect choice. With its 180-litre capacity, it offers ample space for your essential storage needs. While it has a 2-star energy efficiency rating, it's backed by advanced capillary technology for reliable performance. The refrigerator comes with a substantial 20-litre vegetable tray, making it the largest in its segment. It also features strong wired shelves to withstand heavy vessels and a convenient 2.25L bottle shelf. With a 10-year compressor warranty and an environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant, it's a sustainable and reliable appliance. This aesthetically designed fridge features a recess handle, adding to its overall appeal.


Product Dimensions: 64.5D x 57.6W x 118H Centimeters

Brand: Godrej

Capacity: 180 litres

Configuration: Freezer-on-Top

Energy Star: 2 Star


Economical and stylish design.

Limited capacity, suitable for small families only.

Can accommodate extra-large 2.25-liter bottles.


8. Voltas Beko 250 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

The best fridge combines efficiency, reliability, and style, and the Voltas Beko 250 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator does just that. With a capacity of 250 litres, this refrigerator provides ample space for your storage needs. The 2-star energy rating ensures decent efficiency, and its frost-free operation prevents ice buildup. The comprehensive 2-year warranty, along with an additional 10-year warranty on the compressor, offers peace of mind. This refrigerator is not only a practical choice but also an environmentally friendly one. As per the latest BEE guidelines, it's designed to meet your cooling needs while being energy-efficient.


Brand: Voltas Beko

Capacity: 250 litres

Energy Star: 2 Star

Colour: Silver


Frost-Free Operation

2-Star Energy Rating

10-Year Compressor Warranty


9. Midea 591L Side By Side Refrigerator with Inverter

If you're in search of the best fridge, a premium refrigerator that combines style and functionality, look no further. This side-by-side frost-free refrigerator with a sleek stainless steel finish not only enhances your kitchen decor but also provides a whopping 591 litres of storage capacity, making it perfect for large families with 5 or more members. The inverter compressor ensures uniform cooling, maximises energy efficiency, and reduces power consumption. With a combination of 4 spill-proof toughened glass shelves, 4 freezer compartments, and 1 removable rack, it offers versatile storage options. Get ready to experience the best fridge with Midea.


Brand: Midea India Home Appliances

Capacity: 584 litres

Configuration: Side-by-Side

Colour: Silver


Large Storage Capacity

Low energy efficiency

Premium Stainless Steel Finish


10. Kelvinator 95 Litres 1 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Introducing the Kelvinator 95 Litres 1 star single door refrigerator, a compact and eco-friendly solution for your cooling needs. This refrigerator is the best fridge that has a removable, easy-to-clean door rubber strip, ensuring a hygienic storage environment for your food. With the use of R600a as a refrigerant gas, it prioritises your safety and the environment. The spacious basket in this fridge allows you to store larger bottles effortlessly. It features a fixed door gasket and a robust, durable door. Moreover, the utilisation of hydrocarbon refrigerants makes it an environmentally friendly choice. For those seeking a smaller yet efficient fridge, Kelvinator has your needs covered.


Brand: Kelvinator

Capacity: 95 litres

Energy Star Rating: 1 Star

Refrigerant: R600a (Eco-friendly)

Door Type: Single Door

Colour: Metallic Grey

Removable Door Rubber Strip


Durable Construction

Lacks advanced features commonly found in larger and more expensive refrigerators

Provides an economical cooling solution


Top 3 features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Whirlpool 308 L 3 Star Double Door   
Panasonic 592 L Side-by-SideTriple Display for easy controlCoanda Airflow for uniform cooling
Frost-Free Operation
Haier 628L Triple Door Side by SideWi-Fi ConnectivitySpacious 592 litres capacity
Frost-Free Operation
Haier 630 L Double Door Side By SideConvertible CompartmentsEfficient Inverter Technology
Stylish Black Glass Finish
Samsung 700 L Side-By-SideConvertible FeatureExpert Inverter Technology
Vibrant Black Yellow Glass Finish
LG 242 L Smart Inverter Double DoorLarge 700 litres capacityEfficient Inverter Technology
Chic Black Exterior
Godrej 180 L Direct Cool Single DoorSmart Inverter CompressorDoor Cooling and Humidity Control
3 Star Energy Rating
Voltas Beko 250 L Double DoorAdvanced Capillary TechnologyJumbo Vegetable Tray
Environmentally Friendly R600A Refrigerant
Midea 591L Side By SideFrost-Free OperationInverter TechnologySilver Finish
Kelvinator 95 L Single DoorStainless Steel FinishInverter Compressor
4 Spill-Proof Toughened Glass Shelves

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Best value for money

The Godrej 180 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator stands out as the best value for money among the listed products. While it may have a smaller capacity of 180 litres, it's a perfect choice for small families looking for an economical yet stylish refrigerator. This refrigerator offers a well-balanced mix of features, including a substantial 20-litre vegetable tray, strong wired shelves, and the ability to accommodate extra-large 2.25-litre bottles.

With a 2-star energy rating, it's designed to provide reliable performance while saving on electricity bills. The environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant adds to its appeal as a sustainable choice. The refrigerator's aesthetically designed door with a recess handle enhances its overall charm, making it a practical and budget-friendly option for those with limited space and smaller families.

Best overall product

The best overall product among the listed refrigerators is the Haier 630 L Frost Free Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator. This refrigerator is a perfect blend of innovation and efficiency, offering an immense 630-litre capacity to cater to all your refrigeration needs. Its innovative Expert Inverter Technology ensures that your food stays fresh and well-preserved while the double-door design optimises organisation, making it ideal for both large and small households. Moreover, the convertible feature adds flexibility for varying storage requirements.

The refrigerator stands out not only for its extensive storage capacity but also for its striking Black Yellow Glass finish, which adds a vibrant touch to your kitchen decor. It's the top choice for anyone seeking a refrigerator that seamlessly combines functionality and style.

How to buy the best fridge in India?

To purchase the best fridge in India, begin by assessing your specific needs, considering factors like size, type, and capacity to match your family size and kitchen space. Prioritise energy-efficient models with higher star ratings to reduce long-term energy costs. Explore features such as frost-free operation, inverter technology, and convertible compartments according to your requirements. Opt for well-established brands known for reliability and responsive after-sales service. Set a realistic budget, compare prices, and read customer reviews to find the best value. Finally, purchase from a reputable retailer offering good customer service and warranty coverage to ensure a satisfying and long-lasting investment.

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