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Top 10 Places to Visit

With the New Year round the corner, we give you a list of places to visit in 2012. From hosting sporting events to boasting off natural beauty, these places are worth your time and money and a must to visit for their numerous reason.

travel Updated: Dec 27, 2011 17:58 IST

With the New Year round the corner, we give you a list of places to visit in 2012. From hosting sporting events to showing off natural beauty, these places are worth your time and money and a must to visit for numerous reasons.  

1. London, United Kingdom
The popularity of London in this country should be credited to Bollywood. The Indian film industry has made us fall in love with this city by showing us the lovely weather and the girl running towards the boy with the tower bridge in the background. 2012 is the perfect time to visit the place for everyone who was mesmerized by the magnificent English city. London would be proudly hosting the Olympics 2012 and will be bursting with life like never before. Supporting the Indian contingent as well fulfilling the age old dream, both places at once can finally come true.

2. Bangalore, India
Often compared with the Silicon Valley of the west, Bangalore is the technologically most advanced for being the hub of all IT companies. This upcoming city situated in the Southern part of India has always been on the radar for people looking for a good time, especially for its incredible night life. With the launch of the new swanky Metro, it becomes easier to explore the different areas of this mighty city this New Year, 2012

3. Lucknow, India
Famous of its royalty and Nawabs, Lucknow has always been popular amongst the North Indians for its food and culture. However, through the years it has transformed itself to a new developed city, boasting IIM and NLU like reputable institutions. Now with the UP elections coming in 2012 and the entire hype regarding the division of the state, this place is going to stay in the news for a long time now. So how about seeing why Lucknow is being the talk of the town?

4. Orlando, United States
In 2010, New York took over as the city attracting the most number of tourists. However the years have gone by and now its 2012 and there are more places to visit in the United States than New York. Thinking about alternatives, then how about the former number one in tourism that has so many things in store of the visitors? Orlando city is situated in Florida and is nick named as the Beautiful City. From natural beauty as Lake Eola to man made wonder such as Walt Disney Resort, there are many such things in store for you. The NBA all stars are also going to take place this year in the city, Need more reasons?

5. Tapachula, Mexico
Leaving a few, perhaps every person on this planet knows that nothing is going to happen to the world after the 21st December 2012. Even the residents of Tapachula, a village near the US- Mexico border might not believe in the story of the world ending but they are going to celebrate this year as if something is really going to happen. The residents have erected a big watch as a countdown to the 21st next year and are partying and singing each day, enjoying every moment before the so called Apocalypse. Visiting Mexico this year would be as exciting as meeting drunk partying stranger, but instead of a club it will be an entire town.

6. Agra/ Goa, India
Maybe, if you can not afford this much for partying like it's the end of the world, we have choices as good as Mexico and that too near home. So how about you visit the greatest monument of love with that special someone and celebrate your love or if you are single, then its much better because you can be care free and totally enjoy yourself in Goa, the hottest destination for party goers in the country.

7. Shanghai, China
In this world, where real is going unnoticed, Shanghai has come up with its new policy to set up 100 museums this decade. The recent addition to the list of museum is the Glass museum which focuses on the contributions of the different artist who were involved with the glass industry. The entire museum is lit with LED lights, whose reflection gives it a very shiny image. 2012 can be the year to appreciate art like never before and Shanghai can be the place to do so.

8. Stockholm, Sweden
The girl with the dragon tattoo made this city famous by its mention in the book/movie. Perhaps after loving the movie and the book you must be wondering about how really Stockholm is. If you really got interested in this capital of the Scandinavian Country Sweden, then we tell you that this place is worth the visit for the next coming year. Stockholm is known for its beauty, its buildings and architecture, its abundant clean and open water, and its many parks. It is sometimes referred to as Venice of the North. If you are willing to visit a place next year, Stockholm is worth the consideration.

9. Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hosting the T20 cricket world cup 2012. We believe it's enough said for the country crazy about cricket.

10. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
You do not need a reason or a time to visit one of the most beautiful natural site, also included in the UNESCO World heritage site. Perhaps the only place in the world that blossoms with such living creatures and diversity is under a great threat because of the changing climate. If you have not seen this incredible place then you better see it soon. Why delay it when 2012 is already here?