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Bengaluru traffic signboard 'follow someone home' goes viral thanks to quirky twist

Feb 27, 2024 02:15 PM IST

Seen near Bengaluru's Cubbon Park area, the traffic signboard has words written in two different font sizes.

A traffic signboard in Bengaluru has gone viral thanks to the quirky way it delivers a message on road safety. The signboard, shared on X, has collected a flurry of comments from netizens, a few joking about it and some slamming the idea.

The traffic signboard in Bengaluru has collected a flurry of comments from X users. (X/@RaoSumukh)
The traffic signboard in Bengaluru has collected a flurry of comments from X users. (X/@RaoSumukh)

Shared by X user Sumukh Rao, the signboard has words written on it in two different font sizes. "Whoever thought this was a good sign to put up? Reads so bad when driving past and you don't see the text in the smaller font," Rao wrote while sharing the picture of the signboard. He mentioned in the comments section that he noticed the board near Cubbon Park area.

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At first glance, the big, bold letters on the signboard read, "Follow Someone Home". However, when you look closer, the actual message gets clearer. Text in a smaller font, written below each of these words in bold complete the message. "Follow traffic rules... someone is waiting at home for you," reads the text on the signboard.

Check out the picture of the Bengaluru traffic signboard below:

Since being shared on February 25, the X post has collected almost 13,000 likes and several comments. Many X users have shared their reaction to this signboard. While some cracked jokes about it, some shared their dislike for it.

"Memeworthy material," reacted an induvial. To this, Rao replied, "It's to entertain bored drivers."

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"Follow Someone Home. Very nice and safe city," replied another reacting sarcastically.

"Authorities and their script writers completely out of sync in terms of requirements and functionality," added a third.

This isn't the first time a quirky signboard from Bengaluru has gone viral. Earlier, unique 'no parking' signs in Bengaluru's posh Koramangala neighbourhood also went viral.

Instead of the simple "no parking" message, the signs read "don’t even think of parking here" and "no parking… not for 10 minutes, not for 5 minutes, not at all!"

What do you think about this traffic signboard in Bengaluru?

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