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Content creator sings, showers rose petals on menstruating women. Video sparks chatter

Sep 21, 2023 03:17 PM IST

A video that has gone viral on Instagram shows a content creator’s gesture towards those women who are on their period.

A video shared on Instagram shows a man’s gesture towards menstruating women. The video shared on Instagram shows the man and his friend singing Bollywood songs, showering the women on their period with rose petals, and treating them with sweets. Expectedly, it has gone viral on the meta-owned platform and has elicited various reactions from viewers. While a few are in awe of the content creator’s gesture towards them, others have different viewpoints.

People shared varied opinions on this video that has gone viral with 9.2 million views. (Instagram/@sidiously_)
People shared varied opinions on this video that has gone viral with 9.2 million views. (Instagram/@sidiously_)

“Dear menstruator, In the natural course of life, there exists a profound cycle that only menstruators can truly comprehend. It’s a monthly journey through discomfort and pain, yet you continue to stride forward with resilience and a smile on your face. Your ability to embrace each day, despite the challenges, is a testament to your remarkable strength,” reads a part of the caption alongside the video shared on Instagram by digital creator Siddhesh Lokare.

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He continues the caption with a quote, “As Helen Keller said, ‘Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.’ You embody this spirit of overcoming. Your strength during these times not only reflects your fortitude but also serves as a reminder to us all that even in the face of adversity, we can rise above, with grace and a smile, as you do.”

Watch the video of this content creator serenading women on their periods below:

The video was shared on September 7 on Instagram. It has since accumulated over 9.2 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. Many even took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“I was so overwhelmed and touched. I still have those roses pressed between my journals. Thank you so much for this moment,” wrote one of those women who experienced this gesture.

Here’s how people reacted to this viral video:

“Wholesome,” expressed an individual.

Another added, “I am also a woman , and I really appreciate this. But I don’t know why I feel like this is useless. Like we go through this stuff every month and if you really want to raise awareness , educate people. And if you want to bring a smile to someone’s face, there’s no scarcity of people who are sad or something. Girls, I am on your team only please don’t hate me for being honest.”

“Watching this on periods,” wrote a third.

A fourth commented, “Thank god this didn’t happen to me, surely would’ve asked one of the men to marry me and cried like a baby had they said no.”

“But she’s a woman and didn’t ask for any help. It’s so misogynistic to impose your charity over someone who never asked for it. Is she poor? Is she handicapped? Just because she’s on her periods doesn’t mean she needs your well wishing. She’s a capable woman of handling herself on her own. You don’t need to be good to her specifically on those days,” expressed a fifth.

A sixth shared, “I’m in tears, this is just so beautiful and you could see the happiness on their faces.”

“Why such an act? It is natural. No need to make a nuisance out of it,” posted a seventh.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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