Dog treats cat like a stuffed toy, here’s what the kitty does

ByTrisha Sengupta
Oct 03, 2023 10:49 PM IST

“He thinks the cat is a stuffed animal,” reads the caption posted along with a video of a dog playing with its cat friend.

In an adorably funny display of interspecies friendship, a dog adopted an unlikely companion, a cat. A video of their interaction shows how the pooch keeps on playing with the cat who remains motionless like a stuffed toy. The video is posted on Reddit with a short but funny caption.

The image shows the dog with its cat friend. (Screengrab)
The image shows the dog with its cat friend. (Screengrab)

“He thinks the cat is a stuffed animal,” it reads. After watching the video, you will be inclined to agree with the caption too. The video opens to show the dog perched on top of a pet bed. It is seen showering the cat with kisses. What has attracted people’s attention is how the dog keeps on hugging and playing with the kitty that remains still. The video ends with the pooch resting its face on top of the cat’s head.

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Take a look at this adorable interaction between the dog and the cat:

The video was shared two days ago. Since then, it has gone viral. Till now, it has accumulated close to 46,000 upvotes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has prompted people to post varied reactions.

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Here’s how Reddit users reacted to this dog video:

“Based on the cat's reaction, the cat also thinks it is a stuffed animal,” joked a Reddit user. “That is one patient kittie! It’s got a face like ‘Yup, you see what I put up with daily?’,” added another. “Cat: The things I put up with for a warm spot,” joined a third.

“I think they love each other! The Bernese Mountain Dog is in heaven and the cat would be out of there if s/he were unhappy. Adorable,” suggested a fourth. “These two clearly grew up together. This is the cuddle/clean session that the cat has been subjected to since he could fit in a shoe. I'll bet that the cat gets in that spot willingly,” wrote a fifth.

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