Tucker the doggo looking at his parents hug(Instagram/@tuckerbudzyn)
Tucker the doggo looking at his parents hug(Instagram/@tuckerbudzyn)

Doggo sees mom hug dad, his reaction leaves netizens in splits

The video featuring Tucker the doggo has gone viral on Instagram.
By Khyati Sanger
PUBLISHED ON JUN 15, 2021 02:26 PM IST

If you are someone who turns to doggo videos to brighten up your day, then this one would be a treat for you. Tucker the doggo’s mom and dad decided to cuddle without him. A video of his hilarious reaction has taken the Internet by storm.

As the clip begins Courtney Budzyn, Tucker’s mom can be seen hugging her husband, Mike Budzyn. A few seconds into the video, Tucker spots that and comes right over. The fluffy doggo then tries to be a part of the hugging. He attempts to grab their attention by running around them, climbing on Courtney’s back and even barking. When the couple finally pays attention to Tucker and invites him for a hug, he gives his paws to Courtney and wags his tail. Take a look at the adorable video:


Since being shared on June 11, the clip has garnered more than 2.3 million views and several comments. While some related to the couple, others called Tucker adorable. “This is my dog anytime my husband and I dare to try to cuddle without him,” one shared. “Tucker, I’d hug you and never let go!” commented another. “Quality family time,” mentioned a third. “Tucker refuses to be a third wheel,” commented a fourth.

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